About 1,400 years ago, in an Ethiopian highland named Kaffa, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed something strange in his goats one fateful evening. His usually calm goats were jumping around and bleating loudly, and refused to go to sleep. This was highly unusual, so Kaldi decided to investigate - he took them back to the same field the next day, but this time stayed close to carefully watch them. He saw them flocking to a group of shrubs with round red fruits… and watched them enthusiastically devour them. He decided to try these enticing fruits himself and was delighted as he began to also feel its energizing effects.

Excited about his discovery, he filled his pockets with as many fruits as he could carry, and took them home to his wife. She tried them and thought the berries were “a gift from God,” and told him he should show them to the monks in the Abyssinian monastery nearby. Unfortunately, the monks disagreed with her, and labeled these fruits as “the devil’s work,” tossing them into the fire. Yet, the delicious aroma that filled the room from the roasting berries (and its seeds!) captured their attention.

They removed the remainders from the fire, placed them in a vessel, and added water to extinguish the dying embers. This was the very first cup of freshly brewed ‘black magic,’ whose aroma was so intoxicating, it attracted even more monks. The bravest among them dared to drink it, and once they experienced its energizing effects, realized they had just experienced a miracle - a drink that could keep all monks awake during their prayers!

Fourteen centuries later, we continue this great tradition of brewing a small miracle in a cup every day - we call it “coffee.”

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