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HAVEN in the Pocket of Your Pants

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Cynics have long pushed the idea that the future of content is entirely electronic – that books, newspapers, magazines are soon to go the way of the dinosaur. At Haven, we’ve found that if you keep your product hyper-focused on a community you care about and do your best to be a resource for and a reflection of that community, there will be no end in sight for print. Everyone here at Haven and LKLD Magazines are very excited to say we are expanding! (Or contracting depending on how you look at it.) We have stepped into the future – you can now read us every month, in the palm of your hands.

Telling the community’s story is our job – so when you talk, we listen. We’re often asked, “How can I get Haven on the go? I want to take it with me to read at the mall or the beach, but it’s just so darn big and clunky. My hands get tired turning the oversized pages!”

Problem – solved.

After exhaustive market research, Haven has invested in a miniature printing press, about the size of an Easy-Bake Oven, to print pocket-size versions of our monthly magazine. This means a mini Haven Magazine that will be no bigger than your iPhone.

We will continue to print our usual run of oversized magazines that will be free in racks around the county as well as mailed to homes.

This venture is new to us, so we hope you’ll hang in there with us as we work out the kinks. To fit all of our monthly content like Top 10’s, profiles, cover story, arts section, calendar, sold homes, and #kindachill without sacrificing font size, the magazine will be smaller in length and width than traditional Haven but will be substantially thicker in depth – roughly the size of a brick. For legal purposes, we have to elaborate that when we say “pocket-size” that is only if you are wearing stretchy pants, cargo shorts, or JNCO jeans. 

In the vein of propelling our community forward through the latest in sensory technology, we will be adding a pop-up and a scratch and sniff section to Haven Mini. Is that fried chicken or gator tail I’m smelling? Did someone break wind, or did I drive by an orange processing plant? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Haven will now be at the tips of your fingers – literally. Velcro kits are available to attach the magazine to the back of your phone, so you never have to be without us! Other Haven Mini merch will include hip holsters with an elastic line so you can check a calendar listing on the go.

The first ten people to subscribe to our monthly mini’s will receive a monocle, one pair of JNCO jeans complete with belt loop wallet chains that attach to the magazine, and an autographed scratch and sniff photo of our production manager, Steven.

Traveling abroad? Pick us up! We’ve grown so much that we’ve expanded across the pond. For some reason, Scottish citizens are very interested in the goings-on of Polk County, Florida. So, we launched an office there – Haven International. It has the same monthly content as Haven and Haven Mini, but it’s medium-sized and is translated to Scottish Gaelic. Tapadh leibh airson taic a thoirt don iris againn agus amadan April!

For more information or to subscribe to Haven Mini or Haven International email us at

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