Inside Out Yoga Studio

Yoga–an exercise that strengthens both mind and body, is making its way up in popularity around Winter Haven thanks to Inside Out Yoga Studio.

It started in 2013 when Kerry Wilson, the president of Six/Ten LLC, saw the newly renovated space on 3rd Street and thought it would make a cool spot for a yoga studio. Kerry, who’s been doing yoga since he was 17, reflected on bringing a larger platform to yoga within the community saying, “It’s been fun. There’s been a lot of people turned on to the practice, a lot of positive feedback. You know, we don’t have a lot of people, it’s not like we’re busting at the seams, but it’s been a steady growth and interest in it and that was kind of my primary focus.” He continued with that thought, adding, “It hasn’t been looking to make a big profit enterprise, it’s about spreading the word a little bit and spreading the practice and I think we’ve been successful at doing that.”

This year marks their 4th Anniversary and a move to a new space across from Central Park in Winter Haven.  

This move is for a few reasons: one, a bike shop located on Cypress Gardens Boulevard is relocating to their 3rd Street location according to Wilson, and two, the space was available downtown right on the park which could mean new opportunities for the studio. Kerry expressed his excitement for the move downtown saying, “The idea of foot traffic and all the events in the park and the excitement of what’s going on downtown in general, we think is going to get more people interested.”

Their move will be marked with an anniversary celebration according to Jody Reece, one of the studio’s yoga teachers , on Saturday October 7th from 3-6. The celebration will entail a free, all-levels community yoga class, followed with a free crystal bowl sound bath, which is a specialized class that they offer once a month at the studio, and libations from Grove Roots Brewery.

Jody gave some insight into some of the new things they’ve been offering like a class at Grove Roots called “Hair of the Down Dog,” a make your own hula hoop class and an indigo dyeing and shibori workshop. On Friday, October 27th from 8-10 pm, the studio will be putting on an event called “Glow, Flow Yoga, and Bowls” which will be led by Michelle Morris and Buffy LaRoux. Jody laid out the event saying, “Come with your own glow paint on, we’ll have some glow lights, bracelets, necklaces, decorations in the studio. It’ll be a fun kind of techno-chill music playing, it’s be upbeat really fun.” She also commented that this type of class will be new for the area, with no other local studios having done it before.

I asked Jody about the successes that the studio has seen. Her reply revealed the help that the yoga studio truly wants to extend to its patrons, “For me as a yoga teacher, the success is, and I think this would be true for any of the teachers at the studio, is when our students are seeing improvements in their health and in their life.”

Kerry and I wrapped up our interview with his thoughts on the benefits of yoga, to which he explained, “If your goal with exercise is to feel better and feel happier, you’ve found it.”

Join Inside Out for their anniversary celebration, or one of their many unique and beneficial classes to get out and make some new friends, feel better, be happier, and practice self-care in the process!

Inside Out Yoga 

52 4th St NW, Winter Haven, FL 33880

(863) 224-2311

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