kon tiki taco

Chris Sexson and Josh “Bump” Galletta fill us in on their upcoming event:  Kon Tiki Taco 


What can people expect from the Kon Tiki Event? 


Chris:  Plenty to drink and eat with great craft tiki cocktails and street tacos. Kon Tiki Taco is about having fun, sharing with friends, and doing something different. It’s a cocktail party! Our friends at Cob & Pen have put some excellent tiki drink recipes together. We will have some classics and a few new drinks to try. 


Bump:  This is going to be a rad event with a really fun vibe! Tiki drinks by our friends at Cobb and Pen and Swan brewing, Concord coffee, amazing tacos by Publix, music by DJ Jenks, the coolest photo booth,  plus so much more (with a couple of surprises to top off the night)! Everything you need for a fun, chill night out! It will be a great night to relax and hang out with your neighbors and friends.


What kind of tacos? 


Chris:  We will have four different taco stations. Without giving away all the details, we will have Brisket, Pork, Fish and a vegetarian option. The culinary chefs at the Publix cooking school have nailed it with the tacos. Publix will also be providing a dessert station as well. You will not leave hungry... 


Why did you want to be involved with this event? 


Bump:  Getting involved with this amazing event was a no brainer. I love anything vintage Hawaiian/surf culture. We hit the beach every chance we get, so why not bring a little of the beach to Lakeland.


What was the inspiration for the event? 


Chris:  This has been an event I have wanted to do for a while. Tiki drinks are all about summer and are really fun over-the-top cocktails. And, who doesn’t love a good taco?  There is a little backstory. As a kid I used to go to a movie theater in Dayton, OH called Kon Tiki. I saw Star Wars there in 1977. The theater and the movie made a big impression on me. A couple years ago while having a tiki drink, I thought Kon Tiki Taco would be a great event... Here we are.


Hope to see you there-

Chris Sexson



Bump Galletta



Purchase tickets for $25 in advance at centralfloridatix.com, or $35 at the door.

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