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What is a Slow Roll?

It’s a slow, very chill bike ride from The Bike Shop of Winter Haven, through the streets of downtown Winter Haven to Lake Silver.  We stay as a group as we wind our way to the ski show.  Once we get to MLK Park, we park by the gazebo and watch the show!  We then ride back through town, grab a pic by a mural, and park at Grove Roots for the food truck & a drink.  

Tip:  Bring cash for the ski show 50/50 raffle or the concession stand where you can buy hamburgers, hot dogs, candy, etc.  Bring water and a towel if it’s raining.  

When is the Slow Roll?

It’s once a month, on the third Saturday, same as the Cypress Gardens Ski Show.  We meet at 5:30 at The Bike Shop of Winter Haven at 249 3rd St SW.  

Tip:  Arrive early if you need any maintenance done on your bike,  the shop offers a full service department.  Or arrive really early and test out that bike you’ve been thinking about.  They have super cute Electras and advanced road bikes for the experienced.   Arrive really, really early, before 4:00, to sit and have fresh roasted Ethos coffee at N + 1 Coffee inside the bike shop.  

Who can Slow Roll?

Anyone that can ride a bike!  Preferably no training wheels, just so they can keep up with the group.  Bike trailers filled with kids, dogs, snacks, whatever you want are totally welcome.   Don’t have a bike and aren’t ready to commit?  Rent one!  Play It Again Sports will rent a bike to you for the afternoon.  They are located at 621 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven.  Or give them a call at (863) 294-9696.  They also sell used bikes that fit every size person and budget.  No excuses to not get out and ride!

Why should you Slow Roll?

It’s healthy, a fun way to see the town and meet your neighbors.  Share what makes our community special with the Ski Show.  You can pop wheelies.  It’s free!  Biking without a spandex uniform and finishing the ride with a beer is a great way to be involved!

Next Slow Roll & Ski Show is June 16 at 5:30.


Slow Roll & Ski Show is made possible by the following sponsors:

Allstate Agent Lynn Polston

Wauchula State Bank

Lilly & Brown LLP

Bond Clinic

Play It Again Sports of Winter Haven

six/ten LLC

Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team

The Bike Shop of Winter Haven

Sun Central Media Group

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