My luxury lunch date with a HydraFacial

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon at Spa G in Winter Haven.  I met with owner, Lynn Giddings to talk about a very special treatment she does there, called a HydraFacial.  The machine’s handpiece holds patented spiralized treatment tips equipped with “vortex technology” — the whirling force that both takes away what you don’t want and leaves nourishment.  According to Allure Magazine, somewhere in the world, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds. That’s more than the total number of Botox injections administered in the U.S. in 2017.


The three steps of a HydraFacial are the cleanse and peel, extract and hydrate and finally fuse and protect.  The first step gently exfoliates and resurfaces.  Your skin is cleansed and then given a light peel. This absolutely does not hurt at all, it’s very gentle.  The next step uses a painless suction to remove debris from your pores, at the same time you’re quenched with moisturizers that nourish your skin.  Finally, the skin is saturated with antioxidants and peptides for a beautiful glow. Beyond these standard three steps, there are add-ons which can help unique skin concerns, like brown spots or nagging lines.  


The HydraFacial’s technology creates  an instant glow.  The more you go, the better your skin looks and feels.  And since we all have different types of skin, each treatment can be tailor made to fit your needs.  Whether it be fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, Rosacea or elasticity, a HydraFacial could be just what you need. And, that’s only the beginning of what this treatment can do for you.   


Only a few spas offer this in Polk County and Spa G is one of them.  Lynn Giddings has been trained and is an expert at HydraFacials.  My first question is, who should get this treatment?  “Anyone can get this treatment from teenagers with acne or someone who wants to refresh their skin.  There is very little or no down time.  It’s recommended once a month to help with anti-aging. In fact, it’s so gentle on your skin, brides can get this treatment done a day or so before her wedding.”  


Lynn also offers Celluma light therapy.  There are no chemicals or side effects, just a low-level light therapy giving you therapeutic benefits.  Celluma has been used to treat acne, wrinkles, inflammation and more.  Ask Lynn about adding this to your facial treatment. Celluma is a stationary and concentrated light therapy that reaches the entire face evenly.  “HydraFacial recommends getting LED therapy with the HydraFacial treatment,” according to Lynn.  


At the start of my facial, I have to say ,that the spa is very relaxing before anything even began.  The walls and decor are elegant and soothing.  Soft spa sounds play in the background as you change into a super soft terry cloth towel (Think strapless dress) .  The surface to lay on is soft and heated.  The room is dim with candles lit making this quite possibly the absolute best and most luxurious lunch hour of your life.  No need to remove eye makeup, she works around it.  


My facial began with Lynn cleansing my skin.  A very lovely scent of lemon balm wafted over me as she cleansed and massaged my face.  When the actual HydraFacial began, the machine has a low, hum.  The process didn’t hurt at all, but you can definitely feel the suction.  Keep in mind,  you will soon be glowing.  The entire process takes less than 30 minutes, more for light therapy.  After I was finished, the fine lines around my mouth and eyes were gone.  My skin looked plumper and it definitely felt moisturized.  Not only was my skin better on the way out, but it made me feel better mentally.  I took time for myself to do something good.  In a world where I’m working, making dinner, running around for others, it was nice to take time just for myself.  How often do we do that?  


The HydraFacial machine is from California.  Once the machine was shipped to Winter Haven, representatives from HydraFacial came out to give Lynn two personal training sessions with it.  If you are able to start on a monthly routine, you will see the changes.  Bonus, Lynn is very good at providing the full spa experience from decor to her relaxing attitude.   


To book your HydraFacial call Lynn at (863) 514-3070


Spa G & Boutique

185 Avenue D Northwest

Winter Haven, FL

FB @spagboutique

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