Ryley Walker From Vermont to Lakeland

On January 28 at 8pm, singer-songwriter and guitarist Ryley Walker will take the stage at Union Hall in Lakeland. The folk artist, originally from Rockford, Illinois, is currently on tour following the April 2021 release of his newest record, Course in Fable. In advance of his Union Hall jam sesh, Haven asked Walker a few questions.


HAVEN: When did you first start playing music? How did you learn to play, and were you trained formally?

RYLEY WALKER: Thirteen years old. Rudimentary lessons on how to hold the guitar and basic chords and scales. Nothing too deep. Mostly learned from guitar tabs and playing along to records.


HV: Who were some of your earlier musical influences? Any new favorite musicians or bands to speak of?

RW: Early on, it was Sonic Youth. They were always my favorite band. New music I enjoy the latest Helado Negro record.


HV: Congratulations on starting your record label, Husky Pants Records. You’ve also recently moved to Vermont and have embraced sobriety. How have all of these major changes affected not only the way you make music but the music itself?

RW: Well, I’m alive and able to do it. All gifts of cutting out the bad stuff. I enjoy music more than ever. I’m present for it.


HV: Compared to Primrose Green, Course in Fable feels light yet complicated. Without lyrics, the music is telling a story, and it’s unpredictable from beginning to end. What inspired the mood and songs on the new album?

RW: No calculated response to any feeling. All natural and whimsical. In general, I’m pretty balanced emotionally right now. I’m on a lot of meds.


HV: I love the artwork on your covers. Do you create any of it?

RW: I’m a terrible visual artist. All artwork is outsourced to talented people I know.


HV: You’ll be playing at Union Hall in Lakeland, Florida soon. What kind of experience do you hope to create or share with your audiences at live performances?

RW: Usually, there is a lot of jamming and fun banter in between songs. I love when people come out and have their expectations blown away. I’ll play anywhere, anytime for the most part. I love to work, and I hope that shows.

To purchase tickets to see Ryley Walker at Union Hall on January 28 visit unionhallevents.com.


Union Hall
1023 Florida Ave S, Lakeland
(863) 288-0372
FB @unionhallevents
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Ryley Walker
FB: Ryley Walker
Twitter @ryleywalker
Bandcamp: ryleywalker.bandcamp.com

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