This past summer, while working on a film in NY, actors were arriving on set by first class from New York City, LA, and anywhere else. 


They all had a few things in common:

1) They have millions more Instagram followers than I do. 

2) They are all about to be in front of the camera and doted on by a film crew, full of hair and makeup, wardrobe, props and assistants getting them Starbucks coffee. 

3) They were all wearing Fanny Packs.  

It was like someone had said, get up - get dressed and make sure you strap on your fanny pack! One actor even had an assistant with him to carry his fanny pack when he was filming. 


Now, this is something we have not really seen since the 90’s.  We thought the trend went away like the popular TV series “Friends” and wouldn’t be coming back.  You could say the same about bell-bottoms, big hair, scrunchies and tube tops. The truth is, come Hell or “High Waters” most trends always make a second appearance. 


If any of you have read my past articles, I wrote one called “Bike Haven” where I talk about Nando and the fanny pack.  I reintroduced the fanny pack to him last spring, (before it was hitting the runways and celebs.) I was sick of him always saying, “Sally, where is my...? Or – Sally, I can’t find that...” We’ve been through the man bags, murses and all the other possibilities have been tested.  So, this was my last resort.  I put the fanny pack on him. 


Nando said. “I wore this all over Europe in the 90’s when I was modeling.  I would never wear a fanny pack again.  Nobody wears fanny packs unless they are at Disney.” 


Next thing I knew, I would hear, “Sally, where is my fanny pack?” He had found it to be a great functioning piece. His had little individual pockets for his wallet, keys, business cards and whatever the heck else he carries that he was always losing.  He has not taken it off even when he is on the tractor and working the cows. 


He does not pay attention to the trends. So, you can imagine when all these actors showed up on set with fanny packs on, Nando was like “Hey what’s up, nice pack. I got one too.” Lol! He thought it was a coincidence. 


Anyway, I also have a fanny pack or two. One is leather and I bought it in Bogota, Colombia years ago.  Then I have another that is black with some verbiage on it.  It is perfect size for my phone, a wad of cash and a lipstick.  


So, here’s the funny part or well…what I think is funny. 


(Side Note: I don’t know why, but I’m thinking of the theme song of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” as a precursor to what I’m about to say.) 


These actors WERE NOT wearing their fanny packs around their WAIST.    

They strapped it ACROSS THEIR CHEST! 

The look is kind-of cross body and clipped in the back. 

It totally takes over their OOTD. (#Outfitoftheday) 

It is like, the pack is wearing them instead of them wearing the pack.  


Mind you, Sebastien begs me not to wear my fanny pack when I am around him.  He finds it embarrassing.  I can only imagine, (since I’m still not there and I’m supposed to be) what is going on in the streets of Paris?  His friends are totally wearing fanny packs over there. I am sure. 


Anyway…back to the pack. These actors are walking around looking goofy like they forgot how to wear the fanny pack around their waist.  When you talk to them it is like a big elephant in the room. You’re trying to make eye contact with them, however you can’t help but stare at this piece of luggage strapped across their chest. 


Original definition of Fanny Pack: Fanny = Buttock… and well you can figure out the rest… 


So, being the Costume Designer that I am, I hit up a couple of my resources to investigate this phenomenon.  We missed fashion week due to being on this film. Sure enough, all the runways were full of this new cross body fanny pack trend. 


Here we were thinking it could be a great way to cinch the waist of an oversized flannel while your drinking your pumpkin spice/gingerbread latte pretending it is fall when it’s still 85 degrees out. Nope!


Like every trend that comes back… they kind of upgrade it or edit it to fix anything that was wrong 30 years ago when it was trending.   


So here we are.  You can pick up a fanny pack anywhere from Wal-Mart to Forever 21 to Louis Vuitton. Fanny’s are so in right now, they are on the end caps at Publix and Rural King.  


So, from NY to Polk County, let’s show who is the trendiest of them all.  

Get yourself a fanny pack or two. 


OH yeah, P.S. 

Nando was still wearing his around his waist. He’s kind of a traditionalist.  But he just flew down to Winter Haven for a couple days and when I picked him up at the airport…I kid you not; he was wearing his pack across his chest.  

He said it was actually more comfortable. Don’t know the truth…But he has not gone back to wearing it around his waist and he is like…well looking like he is trying to be hip…Not wearing it on his hip. 

So if he can do it, you can do it.  

Put down your Simply Southern Tote and strap a FANNY PACK across your chest. 


Xo Sally & Nando DC

Costume, Apparel and Interior Designers of 

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