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Who doesn’t love a farmers market where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, cheese and local meats to serve your families for the week?  My husband and I have been talking about creating one to replicate some of the markets we were used to.  A place where you could go and visit with neighbors, eat some really great food and then pick up the fresh ingredients you needed for the week.  The new Winter Haven Farmers Market is set to begin on Jan. 11th so I sat down with Chris Sexson, market coordinator and Publisher of this magazine (and also my husband) to talk about what to expect.  

Q:   First of all, who is putting on this market?

A:  Funny thing you should ask. In speaking with a few different businesses and people in the Winter Haven area, we all expressed an interest in having a food-first authentic farmers market. There are a number of craft markets around town and that is great.  However, we want to create a gathering place to pick up fresh locally-grown produce, flowers, and shop for other local treats. After saying this out loud enough times, I found a few other like-minded folks who are interested in making this finally happen. In short, Destroyer Media will be creating and launching the market. We are doing this with Mark Johnson the market master of the St. Petersburg market leading the way as an official consultant on this project as well as Rick Baker former mayor of St. Pete. They are doing the market right in St. Pete, so what better people to have us help launch in Winter Haven! Six/ten has offered to help with logistics and we have been able to work with Wolf Properties in using the BB&T lot. They have both been very supportive and gracious.

Q:  What can people expect?

A:  You can expect to find a great way to spend part of your Saturday mornings. Join us each week for seasonal crops and vegetables from local farmers, plenty of different edible treats or maybe just stroll around to grab a cup of coffee and and quick bite for breakfast or lunch. We will have acoustic music every week, and hope to build an authentic, fun, and tasty place to meet up as a community.

Q:  What’s the goal of the market?  Why should people go?

A:  Create a sense of community around food and farmers in downtown Winter Haven. There are no deeper roots in central Florida when talking about citrus and agriculture. There are still many great farms here today. Supporting local farmers and reaping the rewards of their labor is a great thing. Farmers markets promote a healthy community built around supporting farmers and small businesses. Showing up at a farmers market is not just about vegetables and foods.   It’s supporting your community and connecting with all things local. Some great prepared food, take home treats, there is no place I’d rather be on a Saturday morning…

Vendor information is available online at

Market will be every Saturday from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. from January 11 - May 16, 2020

The market will be in the parking lot of the BB&T Bank building on the NE corner of Third St. and Ave. C SW in downtown Winter Haven.  



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