Gourmet Goodies Bake Shop

68 4th St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 318-1400

FB @GourmetGoodies

IG @gourmetgoodieswinterhaven

A cupcake a day keeps the blues away! Winter Haven has spoken and this bake shop takes the cake. Gourmet Goodies is most well-known for their seemingly never-ending selection of cupcake flavors. Their portfolio of elaborate event cakes and desserts will leave you wondering, ‘Do I have to get married to order a wedding cake?’

2nd:Sugar & Slice Bakery

3rd:Victor & Mika’s Bakery



Ave Bar

346 W Central Avenue, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1797

FB @AveBarByArabellas

Throw your jacket over your shoulder and call it a day with a stiff drink from Ave Bar. Situated between Bistro Pizza and Arabella’s in Winter Haven’s “Time Square,” this timeless lounge offers menus from both locations so you won’t leave hungry. The exposed brick and dimly lit, cozy atmosphere make Ave Bar the perfect spot to sit back and sip.

2nd:Tempo 1930




Blackburn’s BBQ

169 5th St, Eagle Lake

(863) 287-9975

FB @BlackburnsBBQ

This oak-smoked Southern BBQ is ‘fall off the bone’ good, so pack a Wet-Nap, tuck a napkin in your shirt and go to town! Blackburn’s makes their sides from scratch and must use magic (or oak) to make their succulent smokey pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and beef brisket. B-B-Q? More like Y-U-M!

2nd:The Smokin’ OX Premium BBQ

3rd:Rick’s Bar-B-Q


BEST Beer List

Grove Roots Brewing Company

302 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 291-0700

FB @groverootsbrewing

IG @groverootsbrewing

I think we can all admit to one or two late nights spent “sampling” the beer selection at Grove Roots. Their flagship brews like Slanted Ladders and Wakes of Grain have become Winter Haven staples. Craft snobs and brew newbies alike can find something to enjoy in the Grove Roots Tasting Room. Might I suggest a Tropical Dilemma or Honey on the Double?

2nd:The Florida Brewery



BEST Breakfast

Egg Haven

301 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 268-8269

FB: Egg Haven

Breakfast is such a delicious meal that sometimes we even get a little crazy! Who does it best in Winter Haven? Egg Haven, of course. Rainy or sunny (side-up), hungry Winter Havenites flock to Egg Haven for breakfast classics – omelettes, grits, bacon, sausage, oh my! The best part? They have a drive-thru window.

2nd:Eagle Lake Family Diner

3rd:Schack’s Bar-B-Que


BEST Burger

Andy’s Igloo

703 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-0019


Nothing is more Americana than a diner burger and fries washed down with a milkshake. Hamburger, Super Burger, Steakette, Half Pound Burger – those are the only four burgers on the Andy’s menu. They’re so good and “dressed as you like” that four is all they need to be hailed the most beloved burger joint in town. The neon Andy’s sign is like the bat symbol, but for burger lovers.

2nd:Five Guys

3rd:Tempo 1930


BEST Catering Company

Blackburn’s BBQ

169 5th St, Eagle Lake

(863) 287-9975

FB @BlackburnsBBQ

You know what makes any event better? BBQ. The oak-smoked Southern BBQ from Blackburns has become somewhat of a tradition. Consider their mouthwatering pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket and all the fixin’s for your next party!

2nd:The Catering Company of Central Florida

3rd:Cam’s Catering


BEST Chinese

China Park

7120 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 875-1826

Your fortune cookie reads: Happiness is just a walk in the park – China Park, that is. Craving some sweet and sour goodness? Want to give your taste buds a Kung Pao? Dine in and chow down on some tasty chow mein or grab a bottle of wine and pick up some take-out from China Park.

2nd:Golden Wok



BEST Cocktail

Tempo 1930

58 4th St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 875-5323

FB @Tempo1930

IG @tempowh1930

Tempo 1930 has a smooth, speakeasy vibe and expansive windows opening into Central Park. Even more impressive is its curated selection of craft cocktails from the mind of owner Becca Andreasen. Tempo’s spirits are tempting and timeless like their Maple Walnut Old Fashioned, Lavender Vanilla Martini, or Gin Lane. We can’t wait to see what Becca has up her sleeve for Tempo’s next seasonal cocktail menu!

2nd:Ave Bar

3rd:Barrel 239


BEST Coffee House

Richard’s Fine Coffee

330 Avenue A NW, Winter Haven

(863) 291-3082

FB: Richard’s Fine Coffees

IG @richards_coffee

In 1996, Richard’s Coffee was established as the first independent coffeehouse in Polk County. For over two decades, Richard’s comfortable atmosphere has been the place to meet friends and business colleagues, or just stop in to fuel up for the workday. Their menu boasts a selection of hot and cold coffees and teas, along with breakfast and lunch sustenance.

2nd:N+1 Coffee

3rd:Amonie Jo’s International Coffee & Delights


BEST Cuban Sandwich

Chef Neil’s Bistro

1015, 1612 Dundee Rd, Winter Haven

(863) 293-5805

FB @Chefneilsbistro

Chef Neil Curran is the reigning king of Cubans in town and everyone’s favorite chef. What sets his Cubano apart is the high-quality ingredients used to craft it. Chef Neil makes magic off of Dundee Road with Cuban bread, ham, Cuban pork, salami, swiss cheese and pickles, topped off with mayo and mustard on opposite buns – pressed to perfection.

2nd:Soup’R Cubans Sandwich Shop

3rd:Empanada Heaven


BEST Diner

Egg Haven

301 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 268-8269

FB: Egg Haven

A feel-good diner that has mastered the classics, Egg Haven has become Winter Haven’s family kitchen. They offer tasty greasy-spoon breakfast options and a lunch menu marbled with burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, pasta, and more – all at an approachable price.

2nd:Andy’s Igloo

3rd:Big Tom’s Diner


BEST Dog-Friendly Restaurant

The Twisted Prop Bar & Grille

615 7th St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1937

FB: The Twisted Prop Bar & Grille

IG @thetwistedprop

You know when you’re walking out the door and your dog gives you those ‘Take me with you!’ eyes? Well, at The Twisted Prop you can get in a little Q-T with your pup. Have a doggy date for two while enjoying some of their delectable burgers, wings, loaded fries and more. Pro tip: go for Wingin it Wednesday each week for 80 cent bone-in or boneless wings all day.

2nd:Tempo 1930

3rd:Grove Roots Brewing Company


BEST Doughnuts

The Donut Man

1290 6th St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-4031

FB: The Donut Man

The Donut Man keeps it classic with glazed, chocolate, and cream-filled, but isn’t afraid to get a little wild with treats like their Maple Bacon donuts. You can get a box of goodies as unique as your whacky co-workers or keep them all for yourself. You can tell yourself you’re only getting Donut Man donuts for your “Instagram story” but we all know (and don’t judge) that you’re going to have a donut party for one.

2nd:Baking Donuts Plus

3rd:Dunkin’ Donuts


BEST Fast Food


143 Landings Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 299-2697

FB @ChickfilA

IG @chickfila

I mean, they have their own sauce – need I say more? If you have to grab something on the go, a sandwich with juicy flavorful chicken encased in crispy breading is simply the most logical choice. Want to make someone’s day? Drop them off an order of nuggets with ALL the dipping sauces.

2nd:Five Guys

3rd:Chipotle Mexican Grill


BEST Fine Dining

Arabellas Ristorante

346 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1797

FB @ArabellasRistorante

Elegant in atmosphere and cuisine, Arabellas promises an inspired 5-star experience to their guests. Uncomplicated Italian fare makes Arabelles a desirable downtown dining destination. Simple, yet stunning – this restaurant is the place to make an impression on your dinner companions. Complete your perfect evening with a nightcap from Ave Bar located next door.


3rd:Fire Restaurant


BEST Florida Wine

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

19239 US-27, Clermont

(352) 394-8627

FB @LakeridgeWines

IG @lakeridgewinery

Lakeridge Winery sits on a sprawling 127-acre estate in the rollings hills of Clermont. On a complementary tour and tasting at the winery, guests can experience how Lakeridge grapes are grown, and how the wine is made before sampling it for themselves. Under their Lakeridge and Lakeridge Reserve brands wines, the labels have won more than 800 awards for excellence in winemaking.

2nd:True Blue Winery

3rd:Keel and Curley Winery


BEST Food Truck

Tallulah’s Table by the Sea

(863) 289-6255

FB @tallulahstable

Oh tartar sauce, that’s good! Under the sea, on the go – Tallulah’s Table by the Sea gives out mermaid love by delivering the best mobile seafood to Central Florida. Check their Facebook page to find out where they’ll be next to grab a grouper reuben or fish and chips!

2nd:The Smokin’ OX Premium BBQ

3rd:Fritan’Go Food Truck


BEST Ice Cream

Andy’s Igloo

703 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-0019


I scream, you scream we all scream hand dipped ice cream! They don’t call it Andy’s Igloo for nothin’! You’ll go nuts for Andy’s 12 flavors of hand dipped sundaes and milkshakes. Feeling fancy? Try a Royal Treat like the Spin-the-Wheel or Banana Split. Whether you take it in a cup or a cone, Andy’s soft serve is sure to be the cherry on top of your day.

2nd:Dairy Queen

3rd:Carmen’s Ice Cream Parlor


BEST Italian

Arabellas Ristorante

346 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1797

FB @ArabellasRistorante

From their Fettuccine Alfredo to the Pollo Piccata, Arabellas Ristorante pays homage to simple, rich Italian flavors. Open for lunch and dinner, guests get a taste of the old country without leaving downtown Winter Haven. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – that’s Amore!” But when the food hits the spot and you like it a lot – that’s Arabellas.

2nd:Carrabba’s Italian Grill

3rd:Floridino’s Italian Kitchen


BEST Mexican

Azteca D’Oro

5860 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 295-9080

FB: Azteca Mexican Restaurant D’Oro

Margaritas and tacos are words synonymous with happiness. Conveniently located on Cypress Gardens Blvd only one minute from Legoland, Azteca D’Oro boasts fresh flavors and classic Mexican fare like fajitas, burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. Try a traditional Mexican style margarita from their cantina!

2nd:El Olivo Mexican Restaurant

3rd:Tacos My Friend


BEST Orange Grove

Lang Sun Country Groves

5900 US-17, Haines City

(800) 535-1199

FB @langstasteoffloridacafe

First opened in 1951 by Mary and Joe Lang, Lang Sun Country Groves has been passed down through generations. Visitors can browse Lang’s gift shop for jams and jellies, food items, and other gifts. Lang’s offers up a ‘Taste of Florida’ in their cafe of the same name with fresh, casual lunch options, fresh squeezed orange juice, and grapefruit pie using Mary Lang’s recipe. You can even ship a little bit of the sunshine state elsewhere with the online store and monthly fruit club!

2nd:Ridge Island Groves

3rd:Dundee Groves


BEST Oysters

Gary’s Oyster Bar & Seafood House

660 E Alfred St, Lake Alfred

(863) 956-5055

FB: Garys Oyster Bar

The best kept secret in Lake Alfred, Gary’s Oyster Bar is casual Florida dining at its finest. As the name suggests, the charming establishment has a bar at which guests can sit and watch their oysters be shucked. Dress them how you like on the half shell or indulge in an order of Todd’s Char-Grilled Parmesan or Jalapeno Oysters.


3rd:Old Man Frank’s


BEST Patio

Tempo 1930

58 4th St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 875-5323

FB @Tempo1930

IG @tempowh1930

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Winter Haven anymore. When Tempo owners Omar and Becca Andreasen envisioned the patio space for the restaurant, they wanted something that would stand out. Dining on Tempo’s patio feels like stepping off the streets of Winter Haven and into a trendy neighborhood eatery in Miami or New York. String lighting, aluminum siding, a graffiti mural and mis-matched furniture create an urban ambiance like nothing else in Winter Haven.

2nd:Grove Roots Brewing Company

3rd:Fire Restaurant


BEST Pizza

Bistro Pizza

326 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 875-4894

FB @bistropizza326

A slice of heaven on Central Avenue, Bistro Pizza is a sister establishment to Arabellas Ristorante that will leave you promising yourself ‘Oh, just one more bite!’ The Italian eatery makes hand-tossed magic in their wood stone oven using only the freshest ingredients. The crust is perfection covered in decadent sauce, bubbly cheese, topped how you like. Dine in or take out your piquant pizza or one of their Italian dishes made with recipes handed down through generations.

2nd:Pizza Connection

3rd:Floridino’s Italian Kitchen


BEST Polk County Beer

Honey on the Double

Grove Roots Brewing Company

302 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 291-0700

FB @groverootsbrewing

IG @groverootsbrewing

Oh Honey, this beer is gooooo-ooood. An 8.2% ABV Double IPA with a hint of honey, this nectar of the gods is hoppy and smooth. Honey on the Double is easy to drink and is easily one of the best IPA’s we’ve ever had.

2nd:Rind & Shine Grove Roots Brewing Company

3rd:Keybilly – Brew Hub


BEST Florida Beer

Honey on the Double

Grove Roots Brewing Company

302 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 291-0700

FB @groverootsbrewing

IG @groverootsbrewing

An 8.2% ABV Double IPA with a hint of honey, this nectar of the gods is hoppy and smooth. Honey on the Double is easy to drink and is easily one of the best IPA’s we’ve ever had. Bravo, Grove Roots!

2nd:Rind & Shine Grove Roots Brewing Company

3rd:Jai Alai – Cigar City Brewing


BEST Publix

Southeast Plaza Shopping Center, #1204

884 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 291-0312

FB @publix

IG @publix

Setting the standard for grocery stores across the Southeast, Publix is known for excellent customer service, clean stores, enjoyable shopping experience, and, of course, the Pub Sub. The people have spoken and Publix at Southeast Plaza Shopping Center does it best! A skim of the reviews for this location reveal they hit the mark for the Publix standard with one person even calling it “the ultimate grocery store experience.”

2nd:Spirit Lake Crossing, #425

3rd:Winter Haven Square, #448


BEST Romantic Dining

Arabellas Ristorante

346 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1797

FB @ArabellasRistorante

The only thing sweeter than dinner with your special someone is the Cherries Jubilee the two of you will have prepared tableside at Arabellas. The ambient lighting, dreamy window treatments and 5-star service set the mood for an unforgettable date night. Make a first impression or keep the romance alive over a bottle of Pinot Noir and Winter Haven’s best Italian fare.


3rd:Fire Restaurant


BEST Seafood

Harry’s Old Place

3751 Cypress Gardens Rd, Winter Haven

(863) 324-0301

FB: Harry’s Old Place

IG @harrysoldplacewh

Harry’s Old Place is quite the catch! Not only do they offer stunning lakefront dining, they are lauded for their fresh, tasty seafood. The establishment was originally opened in 1980 as Harriston’s before becoming Harry’s Old Place in 1992. Whether you like it fresh or fried, Harry’s has something on the menu for you. Enjoy a drink from their full liquor bar and savor a dinner from under the sea, while sitting on the patio watching the sun sink below the horizon.


3rd:Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Express


BEST Sub Sandwich


Southeast Plaza Shopping Center, #1204

884 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 291-0312

FB @publix

IG @publix

“You mean to tell me the best sub comes from a grocery store?” is likely the response you’ll get from a non-native as you rave about the Pub Sub. One bite, and they’ll totally get it. We can’t help but get a little giddy as we stand in the Publix Deli line for our Publix Chicken Tender Sub! The options are basically endless – pick a sub and have them dress it how you like – you’ll fall in Pub Sub love.

2nd:Firehouse Subs

3rd:Jersey Mike’s Subs


BEST Sushi

Tsunami Sushi

317 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-2395

FB: Tsunami Sushi

This restaurant makes miso happy! We’re soy into the amazing food at Tsunami Sushi. The atmosphere is as fresh and well-put-together as each item on the menu. Tsunami is perfect for a quick, casual lunch or romantic dinner for two. Serving Japanese-style cuisine, guests can choose from a list of traditional and specialty rolls, sashimi, makimono, tempura and more. They have a second location on Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

2nd: Sakura Japenese Steak House & Sushi Bar



BEST Tacos

Tacos My Friend

3899 Recker Hwy, Winter Haven

(863) 837-7416

FB @tacosmyfriend

IG @tacos_my_friend

I don’t want to be too cheesy, but let’s taco ‘bout the crazy good tacos served daily at Tacos My Friend! It’s Taco Tuesday everyday at this authentic Mexican eatery on Recker Highway. From the warm tortilla, to the choice of mouthwatering meat, all topped off with fresh onion and cilantro – this taco is packed with flavor. Don’t let the simple ingredients fool you – these tacos are greater than the sum of their parts. BRB – going on a taco run!

2nd:Azteca D’Oro

3rd:Angel’s Kitchen



Thai Haven

309 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 291-8085

FB @ThaiHaven

The spicy aromatics of authentic Thai cuisine waft through your senses when you walk into this quaint eatery. Family owned and operated, Thai Haven offers a substantial menu of made to order Southeast Asian fare. Try the Red Curry made with stewed meat, coconut milk, pineapple, bell pepper, snow peas, carrots, and bamboo shoot in a red curry sauce. If that doesn’t Pad Thai you over, have some Thai custard with sticky rice for dessert!

2nd:Saigon Garden

3rd:Sawadee Thai Food


BEST U-Pick Farm

Whitehead’s Blueberry Farm

1024 Macon Rd, Winter Haven

(863) 860-4575

FB @whiteheadsblueberryfarm

IG @whiteheadfarm

For just $3 a pound – pie, cobbler, and fresh fruit lovers can pick all the fresh blueberries they want at Whitehead’s Blueberry Farm. The family has been in the farming business since 1979 and started the blueberry farm in 1999. Over 30,000 blueberry plants speckle the farm’s 15-acres. Join the Whitehead family to make some memories with your own during the U-Pick season which generally runs from mid-April through the first weekend in June.

2nd:Crown Jewel Farms

3rd:Kirkland Farms


BEST Vegan

Bambu Cafe

371 3rd St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 280-6346

FB @BambuBodyBar


Good food, that you can feel good about eating. Bambu offers fresh raw juice, smoothies, soup, salad, and other healthy options. Fan favorites include Elderberry shots, creamy cauliflower soup, and infused water flavors like pineapple ginger or basil cucumber. Enjoy one of their light, yet filling smoothies along with a hearty salad in their airy dining space.

2nd:Victor & Mika’s Bakery

3rd:Thai Haven


BEST Waterfront Dining


2435 7th St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-7070

FB @HarborsideFL

IG @harborsiderestaurant

Overlooking shimmering Lake Shipp, Harborside offers unmatched waterfront views on the Chain of Lakes. Their grand main dining area peers out onto the water. Guests can enjoy fresh seafood, steaks, and other casual American cuisine while observing boats take off and dock. The lower-level lakeside bar is the ideal spot to sip a cocktail and watch the waves.

2nd:Tanners Lakeside Restaurant & Bar

3rd:The Twisted Prop Bar & Grille


BEST Wine Menu

Grape Expectations

5535 Cypress Gardens Blvd #150

Winter Haven

(863) 318-8800

FB: Grape Expectations

This stylish wine spot presents a vast selection of California and international wines by the bottle and the glass. Owner Randy Chamberlin brings his 25-years of experience in the wine industry to Grape Expectations. Indulge on-site in their comfy, upscale space or take a bottle home. We’ve heard nothing but “grape” things about this wine bar!

2nd:Arabellas Ristorante

3rd:Fire Restaurant






BEST AC Repair

United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc.  

517 Recker Highway, Auburndale

(863) 956-3500

FB @CallUnited

What’s one of the most important things for us Floridians?  An AC that works properly!  Since 1975, United has been the premier resource for home and business owners looking for quality heating, cooling and refrigeration services.  They can help you keep your cool during these long, hot days of summer… and fall and winter and spring.  They even have a 24/7 Emergency Service for those unbearable nights.  

2nd:Refrigeration and Electric Service Inc.  

3rd:Springer Bros. Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC 


BEST Apartment Community/ Complex

Della Vita Apartments

4200 Mahogany Run SE  Winter Haven

(833) 254-8894

FB @Della Vita Apartments

Voted the best for a reason!  Modern apartments with stainless steel appliances, new flooring, brushed nickel accessories and quick access to shopping and restaurants.  This pet friendly complex offers a dog park, fitness center, two swimming pools, 24-hour maintenance and the list goes on.  Upscale one, two and three-bedroom apartments ready for your family!  

2nd:Carlton Arms of Winter Haven

3rd:The Raingarden


BEST Construction Company

Everett Whitehead & Son, Inc.

601 6th St. SW Winter Haven

(863) 293-6473

FB @whiteheadconstruction

Everett Whitehead started his Winter Haven construction company in 1954. In 1967, Everett “Reggie” Whitehead joined the company and it became Everett Whitehead & Son.  Today, third generation President, E. Ryan Whitehead is leading the company into the future.  With a focus on large-scale commercial projects, you’ve probably walked into something they’ve built over the years.  You know what else they’ve built?   An excellent reputation of integrity and quality.

2nd:MidFlorida Aluminum and Rescreening

3rd:SRD Construction


BEST Handyman

Handyman Services- Scott Fontenot

Winter Haven

(863) 604-0999

FB @Handyman Services Scott Fontenot

Oh gosh, what just broke?  Have a railing that’s about to collapse?  Do you have a “honey-do” list that keeps getting longer?  Sounds like you need the help of a handyman!  Our readers voted Scott Fontenot as the winner, and he’s licensed and ready to help you with just about any job around the house.  Visit his FB page or give him a call.  The holidays are right around the corner, better get that fixed before the grandkids come to visit.

2nd:Above and Beyond Professional  Services

3rd:Copeland Home Repair, LLC.


BEST Home inspector

Ryan Bataille of White Inspection Services, LLC

3214 Oak Tree Lane Winter Haven

(863) 412-4012 or (863) 944-3639

FB @bataillellc or @whiteinspectionservices

Ryan works on the team of home inspectors from White Inspection Services, LLC.  Based in Polk County, each inspection report is taken very seriously. Every inspection is a complete and thorough analysis of all the major systems and components in the home.  Before you buy or list your home, give Ryan a call!

2nd:AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

3rd:HomeWise Property Inspections


BEST Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott Winter Haven

6225 Cypress Gardens Boulevard SE , Winter Haven

(863) 292-3000

Have some family that came to visit the Sunshine State and won’t leave?  Need a staycation from life?  Try the newly built Courtyard by Marriott.  Overlooking Lake Dexter complete with spacious rooms, onsite restaurant, fitness center and a sparkling new swimming pool.  Grab a cocktail at The Bistro and gaze out across the beauty of the lake while all of your troubles melt away.

2nd:LEGOLAND Hotel

3rd:Holiday Inn Winter Haven


BEST Lawn Company

Greenland Services LLC

P.O. Box 1757 Winter Haven

(863) 956-8400

FB @GreenLandServicesLLC

Who needs to get their grass cut?  It’s way too hot to go out there, stay inside with the AC and call Greenland Services!  They are experts offering full service lawn maintenance, irrigation, and sod installation.  Licensed and insured, your neighbors will be envious when they see your beautiful landscaping!  

2nd:Rountree’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc.

3rd:Massey Services


BEST Mortgage Broker

Alexandra J. Rojas with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc.

10200 W State Road 84 #106, Davie

(863) 279-5069

FB @ajmortgage

Winter Haven native and known in the community as AJ, she is one tough loan originator.  AJ works on the team at PRMG, ranked as one of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America.  Motivated to get you into your dream house, she uses innovative and industry-leading services to make the process as painless as possible.  Only a phone call away, she works tirelessly to make your dream of becoming a homeowner come true.  

2nd:Roost Lending

3rd:Jim Golotko



BEST Painting Company

Gator Pressure Cleaning and Custom Painting, Inc

1115 6th St. SW Winter Haven

(863) 294-7917

FB @gatorindustries

Does your home need to be freshened up?  Like maybe a new coat of paint?  Are the neighbors staring at it for all of the wrong reasons?  Luckily for us, Gator is a full-service, professional pressure cleaning and commercial painting company in Winter Haven. Using the finest materials, methods and equipment, they raise the bar in Polk County.  Expect quality, honesty and integrity when you call Gator.

2nd:Hays and Sons Painting

3rd:Central Florida Painting Co. LLC


BEST Pool Cleaning

Mannix Pools

3500 Cypress Gardens Rd., Winter Haven

(863) 326-9656

FB @MannixPools

IG @mannixpoolsandgrills

Not only can Mannix help you design and build the pool of your dreams, they can come and clean it, too!  They offer a wide range of pool maintenance services including weekly or bi-weekly cleaning with chemicals included, and even green pool cleanup. No contract is required.  Get your swimming pool sparkling again, it’s hot outside!

2nd:Pool Works

3rd:The Pool Captain  


BEST Realtor

Omar Andreasen

The Andreasen Group 

powered by eXp Realty

331 W Central Ave Suite 236, Winter Haven

(407) 883-2989

FB: The Andreasen Group

IG @theandreasengrouprealty

Honesty, customer service, and communication are paramount to Omar Andreasen and his team. Primarily serving Central Florida, Andreason has gone as far as Miami for a client and says he’ll go anywhere in the state if it means meeting his clients’ needs. He handles residential and commercial real estate as well as building and loves the challenges that come with the job. More than that, Andreasen enjoys getting to know his clients and their families. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, he hopes to see The Andreasen Group become the dominating real estate team in Polk County.

2nd:Ray Colon FL Homes – La Rosa Realty

3rd:Cole Bataille – Keller Williams Realty


BEST Realty Company

La Rosa Realty Winter Haven

332 Ave B SW Suite 200-1 Winter Haven

(863) 651-8938

FB @larosarealtywinterhaven

La Rosa Realty was founded in 2010 with locations throughout the country and a branch office here in Winter Haven.  La Rosa Realty was recognized as one of the Top 75 Largest Real Estate Companies by NAR.  Through education, training, coaching and support, agents are able to use cutting edge technology and methods to either help you sell or find your next house as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

2nd:Coldwell Banker

3rd:Keller Williams


BEST Retirement Community

Lake Ashton

4140 Ashton Club Drive, Lake Wales


FB @ Lake Ashton

IG @lake_ashton

You’re retired, you deserve this!  Lake Ashton is the premier active adult community in Central Florida.  They set the standards of excellence in design, construction, amenities, lifestyle, location, security and affordability for Florida retirement communities. Set on over 1,200 scenic acres, amongst three lakes and nature preserves, Lake Ashton is destined to be the beginning of the best years of your life.

2nd:Cypress Creek Village



BEST Roofer

EZ Roofing Systems

120 W. Central St., Ste. 10 Winter Haven

(863) 875-1033

FB @EZroofingsystems

Roofs!!  It’s so nice to have one that doesn’t leak during the torrential downpours we get!  EZ Roofing is a family-owned and operated business with attention to detail and prompt project completion.  EZ has a family legacy of over 60 years beginning with his father who founded New England Dormer & Roofing Company in 1960.   With exceptional value, high standards and integrity, they will exceed your expectations.  

2nd:R.I.G. Roofing & Construction

3rd:Bob and Jerry’s Roofing Inc.






BEST Antique Store

The Barn Antiques

167 Co Rd 557A, Lake Alfred

(863) 956-1362


IG @thebarnantiques


Celebrating their 50th season this year, The Barn should be on your list of things you definitely must do!  Open for the season on the first Saturday of October, they are a family business specializing in unique and beautiful European and American antiques.  While you’re there, visit the other shops, The Stable Gifts & Crafts, The Back Porch Tearoom, and The Back Yard Garden Shop, they remain open year-round.

2nd:Treasure House Antiques & Collectables

3rd:Country Primitives Vintage Market


BEST Auto Dealer

Chevrolet Center

101 Cypress Gardens Blvd SW

Winter Haven

(863) 294-7371

Home of the 7 year/200,000 mile limited powertrain warranty, but you probably already knew that.  I bet you want to “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” don’t you?  Head on over to the Chevrolet Center and take a look at their line of new and pre-owned cars.  They also have a service center in case you need your car checked out.  Corvettes, Camaros, what else do I need to say?  Why are you still sitting there?

2nd:Hill Nissan

3rd:Kelley Winter Haven


BEST Auto Repair

Firestone Complete Auto Care

590 Avenue A SW, Winter Haven

(863) 968-7807

Is that strange little light flashing on your dashboard again?  You can’t remember the last time you changed the oil?  Have a wonky tire?  Firestone can help!  They have trained technicians and the Triple Promise Guarantee.  That means that your car will be “Fixed Right, Priced Right, and Done Right On Time.”  No need to worry the next time your car is acting funny, just take it to Firestone!

2nd:Tires Unlimited

3rd:Stewart Auto Repair Inc.


BEST Barber

City Barbershop

160 2nd St SW Winter Haven

(863) 293-8720

FB @citybarbershopwhfl

IG @citybarbershopwhfl

Set up like an old-school barbershop from back in the day, City Barbershop is ready to give you the best fade of your life.  From undercuts to a freshen-up, CB is available.  Conveniently located in downtown Winter Haven with onsite parking, their trained barbers will get you in and have you looking good in no time.  Full-service women’s salon in back.

2nd:Next Level Barbershop

3rd:Custom Kuts


BEST Bike Shop

The Bike Shop of Winter Haven

249 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 299-9907

FB @bikeshopwh

IG @thebikeshopwh

Locally owned and located in downtown Winter Haven, The Bike Shop offers sales and a full-service repair shop onsite.  Extremely knowledgeable staff, can help the most experienced cyclists to the weekend riders that just want a cute bike.  With the attached coffee shop N+1 Coffee, you can shop for bikes, bring in a repair or gaze at your dream bike while sipping a cappuccino.  If you’re lucky, the store pup will be walking around, Lil Bit!


BEST Car Wash

Love Express Car Wash

7468 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 875-9170

Two words... Love Bugs.  You’re going to need to get the car washed and our readers voted the Love Express as the best!  Get in and get out with a clean car in no time!  (Start singing) “At the car wash, Workin’ at the car wash, girl!”    

2nd:Pats Nustar Car Wash

3rd:Dewdney Car Wash



Your CBD Store

5692 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, FL 33884

(863) 268-6864

FB @YourCBDStoreWinterHavenFL

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant with many medical benefits. It’s “health without the high,” according to Your CBD Store.  You’ll find the best quality and full spectrum CBD here from water solubles to edibles, there is something for everyone.  Even your dog!  Talk with a knowledgeable associate about whatever ails you and see how they can help!  

2nd:Home RemeCBDy

3rd:Healthy Habits


BEST Clothing Boutique

Michelle’s Resale Closet

253 Ave. A SW, Winter Haven

(863) 662-4029

FB @MichellesResaleCloset

IG @michellesresalecloset

This is the best kept secret in Winter Haven and I almost hate to share it, for purely selfish reasons.  You will find a beautifully curated collection of clothes from brands like Free People, Zara and Lucky.  The prices are unbelievable, too!  Next time you need a new outfit for a super hot date, a GNO,  or simply refresh your work wardrobe, try Michelle’s first.  The new location is located in downtown Winter Haven, so make a day of it!  

2nd:M. Marie

3rd:Lake Country Chic Resale Boutique


BEST Dance Studio

The Wright Step School of Dance

316 Avenue C SW, Winter Haven

(863) 294-5300

FB @ The Wright Step School of Dance

We’re not going to tap dance around this news, the Wright Step was voted the best!  Let’s give them all the jazz hands!  The studio has been around for 13 years and has taught so many kids not only to dance, but also improve their self esteem, confidence and strength.  Classes like ballet, tumbling and hip hop offer something for every kid.  The studio also has the Xtreme Team, a talented group of dancers that travel and compete.

2nd:Ballet Conservatory Dance Centre

3rd:Barbara’s Centre For Dance


BEST Dog Groomer

Grooming Deals

1616 6th St SE, Winter Haven

(863) 294-7877

FB @ Grooming Deals

Does your pup like to be pampered?  Need her nails trimmed?  How about a new bandana and some puppy cologne?  Grooming Deals is a member of the Dog Groomers Association Of America and will treat your fur baby with love.  They offer boarding for established customers and their team of trained groomers can do breed specific cuts.  Everything your pooch needs in one place!

2nd:Barks and Bubbles Pet Grooming

3rd:Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort


BEST Doggy Day Care

Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort

555 6th ST NW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-7327

FB @ Little Wolfes Pet Resort

We love our pets like they were our children!  Nobody wants their doggy to be lonely!  While we’re gone all day, let the pups have some fun.  They offer extensive play areas for dogs of all sizes and shapes to mingle, romp, relax and have fun.  Doggy Daycare is a supervised activity allowing dogs the opportunity to interact with one another.  You will feel good knowing your baby is having fun all day and not sitting home alone.  

2nd:Paw Printz inc.

3:rd:Grooming Deals


BEST Dry Cleaner

Art Craft Custom Cleaners

1510 6th St SE, Winter Haven

(863) 401-3399

1510 6th Street SE Winter Haven

Since 1945, Art Craft has been cleaning our precious wardrobes with onsite dry cleaning.   Spaghetti stains and red wine mishaps are no problem here!  From wedding dresses and everyday laundry to rugs and down comforters, they can take care of it all!  Why is it called Art Craft?  Because it’s where “drycleaning is an art!” 

2nd:Top Hat Cleaners

3rd:Dry Clean America


BEST Florist

Lasater Flowers

253 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 294-3213

FB @lasaterflowers

IG @lasaterflowers

Once and flor-al, Lasater’s has won!  They are a locally-owned independent flower shop and market.   Available for weddings, large events and even the everyday flowers, expect only the freshest blooms arranged in modern or classic designs.  Order online or visit the charming shop in downtown Winter Haven where you will find a large collection of home decor, stationary and gifts.  

2nd:Angelic Flowers

3rd:Golden Petal Designs


BEST Furniture Store

Badcock Home Furniture &more

1515 Highway 17 N., Eagle Lake

(863) 294-7749

521 Hughes Road Auburndale

(863) 967-6602

FB @badcockfurniture

IG @badcockfurniture

Founded in 1904 in Mulberry, there are now over 350 stores in eight states!  You can literally furnish every room in your house from Badcock.  From classic designs to modern, there is something for every budget and style.  While you’re there, shop the home decor to give your room a finishing touch, or freshen it up seasonally.  Have family coming in for the holidays?  Shop Badcock to make your house beautiful!  Financing is available.  

2nd:Brooks Furniture

3rd:Claussen’s Furniture


BEST Golf Course

The Country Club of Winter Haven

4200 Country Club Road S Winter Haven

(863) 324-6666

FB @CountryClubWinterHaven

IG @countryclubofwinterhaven4200

A private country club with a newly re-designed 18-hole championship golf course by designers Bill Bergin and Rees Jones. One of Florida’s most prestigious and historic private membership country clubs set alongside beautiful Lake Hamilton. Also featuring fitness, tennis and some of the area’s best dining.  

2nd:Cypresswood Golf & Country Club

3rd:Four Lakes Golf Club


BEST Gift Shop/ Boutique

The Shop

329 W Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 297-8027

FB @theshopinwh

A beautiful shop to find a gift for someone you love or to treat yourself.  They offer unique lines of jewelry, candles, home decor, baby gifts and even something for that special man in your life.  Locally owned, they go the extra mile for you.  The inventory is always growing and changing with the seasons, so visit often!   Browsing around the store is kind of like taking a mini staycation on your lunch break, so go treat yourself, you deserve it!

2nd:Little Studio Interiors

3rd:Amy’s Cards, Party & Gifts



Habitat Health & Fitness

650 6th St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 875-7575

FB @habitatfit

IG @habitatfit

How’s that New Year’s Resolution holding up?  Feeling a little flabby?  How’s your core?  Get a head start on the holidays and your next New Year’s resolution and start a workout routine now.  Habitat offers small group training, team training or personal one-on-one training.  Learn how to get strong, healthy, melt that fat and restart your metabolism.  With early morning or evening schedules, you’ve got no excuse to start!  

2nd:CrossFit Auburndale

3rd:Laws of Fitness


BEST Jewelry Store

Tally-Ho Jewelers

111 Avenue G SE, Winter Haven

(863) 299-7966

FB @tallyhojewelers

Tally-Ho has been designing custom jewelry for 30 years, helping you create special memories with those you love.  Using state of the art technology, every piece of custom jewelry is painstakingly made at Tally-Ho.  With precision and attention to detail, they offer pieces of art you can wear everyday.  They also offer jewelry repair, resizing or appraisals.  Our readers voted Tally-Ho as the best and we can understand why!

2nd:Michelle’s Resale Closet

3rd:J.C. Jewelers


BEST Nail Studio

Spa Haven

634 1st St S, Winter Haven

(863) 514-0667

FB @spahaven

IG @spahaven634

What are you feeling today, pink?  Red?  Maybe a pretty lavender?  In Florida, we wear flip-flops and sandals year-round so pretty toes are a must!  While we’re having our pedicure we might as well add on a mani!  Owner Megan Gillis offers Shellac Manicures and regular manicures adding a little bit of luxury to your everyday.  Finish off your look with a beautiful set of nails!   

2nd:Talk of the Town Nails & Co.

3rd:Oasis Spa & Nails


BEST Oil Change

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center

6906 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 318-8339

FB @tuffywinterhaven

Done Right. Period. That’s the Tuffy Tire motto. Regular maintenance and oil changes are vital to keeping your vehicle in optimum condition and Winter Haven voted Tuffy Tire as the #1 place to get it done. This one-stop auto repair shop services all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Tuffy’s focus is to provide excellent customer service which has been the foundation of their business for many years. A multitude of satisfied customer reviews praise Tuffy Tire for their honesty, quick service, and affordable prices.

2nd:Firestone Complete Auto Care

3rd:Tires Unlimited


BEST Salon

The U Salon

2200 Havendale Blvd NW, Winter Haven

FB @TheUSalonLLC

This chic salon offers hair, nail, and cosmetology services that have clients lauding their beauty excellence. Services at The U Salon include eyelash extensions, microblading, facials, manicures, pedicures, Brazillian Blowout, haircuts, color and styling. One happy client wrote, “Thank you for making our wedding day picture perfect! The artists aren’t just professional, they made the morning feel like my hair and make up were being done at a sleep over with best friends. They’re knowledgeable, professional and experts. I can’t wait to come back. Adrienne and Jose you were both phenomenal. I can’t thank either of you enough!” If the photos and reviews on their social media tell us anything, it’s that U will not be disappointed!

2nd:Teaze Salon

3rd:The Room Hair Salon



Spa Haven

634 1st St S, Winter Haven

(863) 514-0667

FB @spahaven

IG @spahaven634

Feeling a little drab lately? Get your glow back with Esthetician and Nail Technician, Megan Gillis. Gillis, who worked in the medical field most of her life has dedicated herself to providing the highest level of customer service when it comes to her clients’ skin and nails. Spa Haven offers a variety of beauty and skincare services including eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting/ lifting, natural nail services, facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. Treat yourself – with a trip to Spa Haven!

2nd:Massage and Spinal Therapy of Winter Haven

3rd:Ageless Allure Medispa


BEST Thrift Store

Michelle’s Resale Closet

253 Ave. A SW Winter Haven 33880

(863) 662-4029

FB @MichellesResaleCloset

IG @michellesresalecloset

You will find a beautifully curated collection of clothes from brands like Free People, Zara and Lucky.  The prices are unbelievable, too!  Next time you need a new outfit for a super hot date, a GNO,  or simply refresh your work wardrobe, try Michelle’s first.  The new location is located in downtown Winter Haven, so make a day of it!  

2nd:St. John’s Thrift Store for Missions

3rd:Meals on Wheels of Polk County Thrift Store


BEST Vehicle Customization

TruckMasters USA

211 6th St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 293-3399

FB @TruckMastersUsa

Since opening in 1995, customer service and satisfaction have been the driving force behind TruckMasters’ success. TruckMasters USA offers the latest name brand accessories to customize and personalize your vehicle. Serving Polk County and the surrounding areas, TruckMasters offers quality products and installations including camper tops, bedliners, spray-on liners, tonneaus, seat covers, tool boxes, ladder racks, floor liners and window tint.

2nd:JC’s Customs

3rd:Love’s Auto Accessories


BEST Wedding Venue

Venue 650

650 6th St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 287-3814

FB @venue650

IG @venue650

This elegant event space with industrial modern concrete floors married with warm exposed brick and tall ceilings give clients the option for versatility. The Brides Boutique and Grooms Den offer his and her space to dress and spend time with friends and family in preparation for their big day. Exposed steel beams and airy natural light complement any motif in The Garden which is dressed with ambient string lights for a party under the stars. Venue 650 can comfortably accommodate 400 people.

2nd:Adams Estate

3rd:Blue View Barn








5540 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 688-3733


MIDFLORIDA Credit Union’s commitment to customer service and providing convenient products at the lowest price are just a few of the reasons the community voted them best. With branches across the Central Florida, this credit union offers a full range of banking products and services to its members.

2nd:CenterState Bank

3rd:Citizens Bank & Trust


BEST Chiropractor

Smith Chiropractic

1550 6th St SE, Winter Haven, FL 33880

(863) 293-8836

FB @SmithChirocare

An all-age, family-centered Chiropractic health care facility, Smith Chiropractic was established by Dr. Robert Smith in 1962. The clinic has treatments available for general health maintenance, neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions, personal injury, worker’s compensation, therapeutic and wellness care, sports rehabilitation, nutrition and weight management. What sets Smith Chiropractic apart from the rest? They try to treat people how they would want to be treated.

2nd:Newberry Clinic

3rd:Priority Health Chiropractic


BEST Tax Services

Bottom Line Tax Service

6352 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 324-2900

FB @BottomLine33884

Taxes are never fun, but the knowledgeable team and focus on accuracy and customer service at Bottom Line Tax Services have customers raving. They are locally owned and operated, offering services in  bookkeeping, tax planning, individual and S Corporate tax preparation. One happy client wrote in a review, “The group at Bottom Line are all great! They are professional, and go the extra mile to educate themselves on all of the changes in the tax laws. If there was anyway to give them more than 5 stars I would.”


2nd:Jacob Burton – Wiggins, Smit, Burby,  Reineke & Company, P.A.

3rd:John R. May & Associates


BEST Dentist

Gerald V. Cerdan, D.M.D.

Winter Haven Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

501 E Central Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1108

FB @winterhavenfamilydentistry

Dr. Cerdan is the best in town when it comes to making patients smile! A full service dental office, Winter Haven Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides general dentistry services, same day crowns, sports mouth-guards, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Cerdan’s office is conveniently located across from Bond Clinic downtown. Dr. Cerdan and his staff strive to make every patient’s visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

2nd:Dr. Stefani Joy Allison, D.M.D.

3rd:Dr. Jose Cruz, D.D.S.


BEST Family Doctor

Garrison Christian, M.D.

Gessler Clinic

635 1st St N, Winter Haven

(863) 294-0670

FB @GesslerClinic

IG @gesslerclinic

Dr. Garrison Christian earned his Medical Degree from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York and did his Residency in Family Practice at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, New York. Giving Dr. Christian 5 stars, one reviewer wrote, “My mother is a patient and when I go in with her he treats her like an actual human being, not a meal ticket. The staff is always friendly and I can’t express enough how wonderful it is to be in and out without incident. Thank you Dr. Christian. You’re amazing!”

2nd:Dr. Michael David Gross

3rd:Dr. Tristan Harrison, M.D.


BEST Hospital

Winter Haven Hospital

200 Avenue F NE, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1121

FB @WinterHavenHospital

IG @baycare

Founded in 1926, Winter Haven Hospital has an outstanding reputation for superior, patient-centered care. Their mission statement is “to improve the health of the people we serve, by providing the highest quality and most effective care and services -- and to return value to the people in our communities.” By upholding this standard of excellence in all that they do, they are able to provide patients throughout central Florida with customized, state-of-the-art treatments in a comfortable environment.

2nd:Lakeland Regional Health

3rd:Heart of Florida is now AdventHealth


BEST Lawyer

Elizabeth P. Davis

Law Offices of Elizabeth P. Davis

114 Bates Ave SW, Winter Haven

(863) 875-6817

FB @LawOfficesOfElizabethPDavisPa

Practicing Family Law and Criminal Defense for over ten years, Attorney Elizabeth P. Davis has helped hundreds of families through the often difficult climate of family law. She has handled over a thousand criminal cases including serious felonies, DUI and misdemeanors over the course of her career.

2nd:Brooks Law Group

3rd:Jason Reuter



Lori Rice

Winter Haven Hospital

Lori currently manages the Emergency Department at Winter Haven Hospital. She has worked for Bay Care for 18 years and in the Winter Haven ER for 2 and a half years. What’s the best part of being a nurse?  “The best part of my job is the difference that we make in our community. It is a blessing to be able to treat our friends and neighbors.”  Thank you for all that you do, Lori! 

2nd: Jessica Sheppard


BEST Pediatric Doctor

Dr. Eric LaRue

LaRue & LaRue Pediatric Associates

400 Ave K SE, Winter Haven

(863) 294-3111

Dr. Eric LaRue makes it a priority to spend quality time listening to his patients. His main concern is that they go home happy and healthy. Dr. Eric LaRue has been at this location since 1986 and took over the practice in 1989. The clinic, which was started by his father, Dr. Raymond LaRue in the 1950s, has been serving the Winter Haven area for over 60 years.

2nd:Dr. Raul Alvarez, MD

3rd:Dr. Heather Sammons Whitworth, MD


BEST Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Bond Clinic, P.A.

3000 Woodmont Ave, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1191

FB @BondClinic

IG @bondclinic_fl

With a rehab team including a doctorate in physical therapy, licensed physical therapists, licensed physical therapy assistants, athletic trainers, and certified personal trainer/ technicians – Bond Clinic Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of service to their patients. This quality of care is reflected in their personalized treatment plans which are specialized to the individual needs of the patient.

2nd:Life Care Center of Winter Haven

3rd:Polk Therapy


BEST Teacher

Amanda Bataille

Gifted Teacher at Bethune Academy


She may teach the Gifted Program at Bethune Academy, but you could say Mrs. Bataille is a gifted teacher herself – her students and their parents sure think so! Mrs. Bataille was Teacher of the Year at Bethune in 2014 and was a winner of Best Of Haven last year. Beyond the classroom, she represented Polk County by traveling around the U.S. to present at STEM and Engineering conferences. A graduate of the University of Florida, Mrs. Bataille is a proud member of Gator Nation.

2nd:Stacey Mize

3rd:Jill Clark

BEST Urgent Care

Bond Clinic Urgent Care

325 1st St N, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1191 ext. 3693

FB @BondClinic

IG @bondclinic_fl

Sore throat, ear pain, cold or flu symptoms? Bond Urgent Care’s experienced providers treat your family’s minor illness and injuries. Their First Street Campus features a separate entrance with covered drop-off area, a large reception area with tv’s and charging stations, full infusion center, and new x-ray lab and treatment rooms. The urgent care clinic is open to all.

2nd:Owl Now Urgent Care

3rd:Winter Haven Hospital


BEST Veterinarian

Dr. Jerry Rayburn, D.V.M.

Paw Haven Animal Hospital

3691 Lake Alfred Rd, Winter Haven

(863) 293-1428

FB @PawHaven

IG @pawhavenvet

Rest assured that your fluffy friend is in good hands at Paw Haven. Dr. Jerry Rayburn, who has been a part of the clinic for many years, has been an active member in many veterinary groups throughout the state. In 2011, Dr. Rayburn was voted Veterinarian of the Year and has been the past president of the Florida of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association in 2013. One reviewer raved, “I like this place! The people are very friendly and the vet is always helpful.”

2nd:Todd A. Beatty, D.V.M. Garden Grove Animal Hospital

3rd:Steven R. Dunham, D.V.M. Dunham Animal Hospital




BEST Event

Rock N’ Freedom Fest

The City of Winter Haven’s Indepence Day celebration is a dazzler! This free annual event boasts kids’ activities, food and drink vendors, games, and live music. Patriotic patrons get to enjoy a water ski show by the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team on Lake Silver. Afterwards, the rockets red glare with a booming fireworks display as a crescendo to the evening.

2nd:Taste of Winter Haven

3rd:Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team Show


BEST Live Music


118 3rd St SW, Winter Haven

(863) 298-9815

FB @JessiesLive

IG @jessieslounge

Open since 2002, Jessie’s has been a staple Winter Haven hangout for all things music. Killing it in the live music scene, Jessie’s hosts local artists and big name acts like JJ Grey & Mofro and Molly Hatchet. Join them every Wednesday night for “Jim and Judy’s Big Ass Jam” handing the mic to all musicians who want to jam out. Good drinks, good music, and good times await!

2nd:Gram Parsons Derry Down

3rd:Grove Roots Brewing Company


BEST Local Theatre

Theatre Winter Haven

210 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 294-7469

FB @TheatreWinterHaven

Widely regarded as one of the best community theatres in the nation, Theatre Winter Haven is a local treasure entering its 50th season. The set design, performance, and overall production value of their shows is unmatched and continues to captivate their growing subscriber base of almost 5,000. The theatre’s phenomenal productions and Performing Arts Academy provide an outlet to many and a good show for all. People travel from far and wide to be a part of the theatre or enjoy a show at TWH – and it’s right in our own backyard!

2nd:The Ritz Theatre

3rd:Lakeland Community Theatre


BEST Movie Theater

Cobb Grand 10 Cinemas

920 Spring Lake Square Northwest, 

Winter Haven

(863) 292-0527

Guests of this Winter Haven multiplex often comment on the friendly staff and clean theaters. Conveniently located in Spring Lake Square, Cobb Grand 10 Cinemas boasts comfy stadium seating and show the latest blockbusters using 100% digital projection.

2nd:Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX

3rd:The Polk Theatre



Chain of Lakes Downtown Trailhead Park

684 4th St NW, Winter Haven

(863) 291-5600

FB @winterhavenparks

Pack a picnic and grab the family – Chain of Lakes Downtown Trailhead Park is the ideal spot for some outdoor quality time. Restrooms are on-site and the park offers shaded picnic seating and play areas. The playground and Splash Pad (which is free to play in) will be a hit with the kids to beat the Florida heat!

2nd:Central Park

3rd:Downtown City Park – Auburndale


BEST Theatre Production


Theatre Winter Haven

210 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven

(863) 294-7469

FB @TheatreWinterHaven

This musical, based on the true tragedy and Peter Stone’s book with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston, details the events of April 14, 1912 aboard the RMS Titanic. An iceberg sealed the fate of many on this “unsinkable” ship during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, claiming the lives of 1517 men, women, and children.

2nd:Mamma Mia!

3rd:The Hunchback of Notre Dame



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