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Boo!  Welcome to the “Spooky Edition!”


In this month’s cover story we have a little fun with two of the more famous Florida legends!  We talk about the Skunk Ape, which we also featured on our tongue-in-cheek cover.  Did I actually catch a photo of the mysterious Skunk Ape...or was it a guy wearing  a costume I ordered off of Amazon?  You’ll need to read the story and decide if you’re a believer.  We also take the infamous Spook Hill challenge, take a ghost tour in Orlando and eat at a supposedly haunted restaurant.  We have some fun with Halloween this month, travel along with our adventures!


On a more serious note, we meet some incredibly talented people from Polk County.  Derek Menchan is an absolutely amazing and talented cellist.  Check him out on YouTube, he’s impressive!  He also has a new album, so keep your eye out for it.   Andrew Allen has big plans for the Lake Wales Arts Council.  In fact, Allen is so interesting that we will get the rest of his story in our November issue.  Learn about this talented jazz musician and what he’s bringing to the kids of Polk County.  


It’s our 2nd Anniversary this month!   It’s been an honor to write and learn about east Polk County.  We’ve met so many people and have loved featuring the special people and businesses here.  Thank you for accepting us into your lives and sharing your stories with us.  Our goal is to showcase your stories and hope that they inspire others.  I’m excited for the year to come and all that we have planned.   Together we can raise each other up!


Finally, I’d like to congratulate the Haven team for winning 2 Charlie Awards from the Florida Magazine Association.  Winning for Best Cover Design and Best Redesign for 2018!  What an honor to have been chosen!  


Have a very happy October!  


Amy Sexson


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