January 2020

When we started to plan for the January issue, I decided I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead of talking about New Year’s resolutions and taking inventory of everything we’re not happy about, we’re encouraging you take a moment to think about what you currently have.  Let’s not make lists of everything we wish were different, let’s make a list of what we’re grateful for.  Let’s make a resolution to be grateful everyday for what we have, who we are and the people that have crossed our path in life.  

We moved from Michigan to Florida in July of 2016 after our daughter graduated from high school.  The job I thought I was going to be doing in FL didn’t work out, so needless to say, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  That’s where the cover comes in.  It’s actually 1 part of 3 panels that I made using the sample paint chips from various hardware stores.  (I was stealthy & collected them over a few weeks, this is probably frowned upon, I know) The colors were inspired by the breathtaking sunsets here.  For the first time in many years, I could slow down both physically and mentally.  I was grateful for that change.  

Fast forward a couple of years and I have more work than I physically have time for.  This job is not what I had planned for myself, but I’m so grateful it happened.  I get to sit and talk with the most interesting people who trust us with their story.   I’m grateful for the people who tell me how something we wrote, changed them, inspired them or connected them to someone else in some way.  I’m grateful I get to be creative everyday.  I’m grateful for this community for supporting us and helping us grow.  I’m also super grateful to be working alongside my husband everyday.  Did I see that coming?  No, but I’m so happy it did.  I’m grateful for my sweet daughter.  She lives with us here, and has stepped in to be a last minute model on more than one occasion.  She has made her own way down here, and she impresses me on a daily basis.  (plus she’s hilarious, I’m grateful she makes me laugh)

Our featured story is focused on gratitude, too.  You will meet “Sticky” Steve Morrison and learn how he lives simply and with gratitude every day.  

At the start of this new year, I say take stock of what you’re grateful for instead of listing everything you want to change.  Let’s start 2020 with positivity and appreciate what we have.

Have a beautiful 2020!

Amy Sexson



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