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Happy Holidays!  


This month is all about giving back.  We talk to many local charities and learn all the ways they are helping to make our community better.  Hopefully you’ll be inspired to help out in any way you can.   In this season of giving, we reflect on ways we can give back.  


We talk with Sheriff Grady Judd, but not about being the Sheriff since 2004.  Did you know he’s an amateur nature photographer?  Take a look at his large portfolio of work and why he started this hobby.  We also take a peek at Pinewood Estate, and find out their inspiration for Christmas 2018.  


As usual, there are a million things going on around Polk County.  We’ve highlighted some of our favorites, just in case you need help deciding!  If you have something coming up that you’d like to see in our calendar, email the details to


As we end 2018, I like to thank all of you for supporting the magazine.  We have very big plans for 2019 & can’t wait to share them with you.  We want to further our goal of highlighting all of the good in our city and inspiring others as well.  Read even more of our stories on our website at  


Thank you to the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team for sharing a vintage photo for our cover.  We love this photo of Santa surfing back in 1967!  He stopped by for a little fun in the Florida sun before his big delivery day!  A big thank you to Lynn Novakofski and Dave Dershimer for working with us!


Happy Holidays to all of you!


Amy Sexson


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