This month we feature blueberries, locally-grown, super nutritious, and ready for you to pick in April. Just ahead of blueberry season, we visit with a local farmer and talk the do’s and don’ts of U-pick and get tips on how to grow our own. The March cocktail also features these blue beauties with a delicious blueberry shrub recipe. This drink can be made into a mocktail very easily, so healthy to drink every morning.

We visit Steven Rojas at Nutwood as he celebrates five years in Winter Haven. He talks about an amazing trip to Italy he took last month to learn the Italian way of curing meats. Rojas tells us how this trip will impact the restaurant and his new plans for the building in the next year. Congratulations on five years!

The calendar is getting bigger every month, and the Top Ten lists guide you to the coolest events happening from Orlando to Tampa and everywhere in between. Have fun and don’t forget to tag your Facebook and Instagram posts with #kindachill and you might find them in the next issue.  

Last month we finally revealed who our secret poet was for the past year. I introduced you to Austin and even though he’s no longer secret, I’m still going to hide one of his poems in the magazine every month. He doesn’t know this yet, but he inspired another poet to start writing again after a long break. This month, I’m hiding a second poem from another secret poet! I’m so glad to see they were inspired to write again after hearing Austin’s story. Look for them, tell me what you think.

If you haven’t already, check out our monthly podcast, Haven For Your Ears. Tara Crutchfield and I talk about the month’s magazine and the inspiration behind it. We share stories, some quite embarrassing and hilarious, but hopefully entertaining. It’s a great companion to the printed version every month. Find it wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Have a great March, I hope to see you around town!


Amy Sexson



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