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Letter From The Editor

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On a “normal” day, like back in 2019, life was stressful.  And then 2020 began… We started this year talking about gratitude, being appreciative for what we have.  Shelter at home began, and like a lot of people, I thought, this is great!  I could use some slow time at home. A couple weeks in, and all of my “normal” stress seemed magnified. I could still feel gratitude for what I have and for the people around me however, it was different now.  I never realized how necessary the little chats in the office, smiling at a friend over lunch or grabbing a drink with someone on Friday were.  Our lives are different this year.  This month we dedicate the entire issue to mental health, we talk about loneliness, anxiety and depression.  

I’d like to thank Jane Martin from the Winter Haven Public Library for her excellent book suggestions.  Mitch Johnson from Heartland Church writes about being present in the moment.  Jill Harbison from Bond Clinic writes about eating healthy during the time of COVID. I’d also like to introduce our newest contributing writer, Leigh-Anne Hemenway Pou.  You will be hearing more from Leigh-Anne in the coming months, we’re so happy to have her on board with us! 

Continue to tag your FB & IG posts with #kindachill and you might find it in the next issue.  Take care of yourself, be kind and stay healthy.


Amy Sexson




Shells collected and arranged while I was on vacation at Siesta Key.

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