Inspired by the 1970s label of a Carlsberg Pilsner from Copenhagen.  

This month we talk beer.  Tara and I visited several local breweries all over Polk and tasted a LOT of beer.   (It was a pretty fun work month.)   Even though the breweries are very different from each other, there was one common thread in each of them.  They wanted to create a place for locals to go to, where “everyone knows your name.”  They wanted to create a place where you can go if you’re having a bad day and need friends around, or a really good day and you want to celebrate with friends around.  Either way, it’s the perfect gathering place.  

Look for our list of the Top Ten Beer events happening around Florida in 2020.   We’ve also added a “Beer Scorecard” to see how many locally-owned breweries you’ve visited around Central Florida.  (btw, the list could’ve been twice as long, there are so many breweries in FL!)

For lunch we visit the Apple Lounge for a Reuben sandwich.  It makes its appearance on the menu every March and we love it.  Don’t let the month pass you by without picking one up.  We make a homemade version of a Shamrock Shake, but with Scotch, for St. Patrick’s Day.  They’re dangerously good.  

I wanted to take a moment to remember Sebastien Le Forban, a friend of Haven that we lost in late January.  He was a snowbird from Paris with a larger than life personality.  Sebastien was the subject of many articles written for Haven by Sally DC, she referred to him often as “Frenchy.”   We’re lucky that we got to meet him and spend time with him. He will be missed.   

Check out our list of the Top Ten things to do in Polk, Orlando & Tampa and we’ll probably see you at some of the events.  Remember to tag your IG & FB posts with #kindachill and you might find your photo in the next issue of Haven.  

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FB @havenmagazinemonthly for more pics from stories, contests and local news.  

Cheers to March!

Amy Sexson

Editor & Partner

Haven Magazine


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