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Happy July!   

What started with an email from David Knowles, the Winter Haven Public Safety Deputy Fire Chief has turned into one of my favorites issues yet.  Tara Crutchfield and I spent a lot of time over at WH Station One.  We met so many firefighters and learned about what they do all day, how it feels when they go out on a call, do they really slide down a pole, and why they chose that career.  We got to go out on a call with them, which was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done.  To stay calm and focused while the adrenaline rush hits, is impressive.  I am honored that they opened up to us and let us in to learn about their day.  Thank you to Jamie Brown from the WHPD to help us set this up.  On the cover is the station’s dog, Wesley.  He took such good care of us and made sure we were never alone.  And yes, I did ask to take photos of the firemen without shirts.  In fact, I asked several times and was always met with the same reaction.  Laughter.  I tried, I really tried.  But that’s ok, I won’t give up.  I’m thinking a calendar...

We also visited with Amonie Jo’s, three sisters selling not just a cup of coffee, but a connection.  Their story is so inspiring, we hope you walk away feeling that love and the inspiration to try something new.  We talk with local musician, Hunter Smith.  He’s played all over central Florida and is not slowing down.

Looking for something fun to do?  Check out our calendar online, we’re always adding to it.   If you’d like to add your upcoming events to it, head to to get started.  You can always email the details to me, if that’s more convenient.   

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Have a safe and very happy Fourth of July & I hope to see you around town! 

Amy Sexson


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