Zahily Fals, M.D. Endocrinology Gessler Clinic

Dr. Fals was born in Cuba.  This is where she began her path to becoming a top endocrinologist. Her love of medicine started as a child.   Dr. Fals moved to the US ten years ago, beginning her residency at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, New York.  Dr. Fals worked for three years in internal medicine.    Following with a Fellowship in endocrinology for two years at the same hospital.  


When asked why she chose a career in medicine, Dr. Fals answered very confidently.  “My father is a doctor, my mom is a dentist, and my brother is also a doctor.  My mom wanted me to be a dentist, but when the time came, I wanted to be a doctor.  I like medicine.”  She chose endocrinology for a couple of reasons.  First because her dad had diabetes, nobody else in the family had it, that was her main motivation.  Second, it was the doctors around her that inspired her.  “When I was in NY, on rotations, you have people that motivate you. The doctors in endocrinology were amazing.”  She was driven by them, even more motivated at the time because it seemed really interesting.  “Rotating and seeing the different specialties, the one I liked the most was endocrinology.”


Dr. Fals first job was in Kissimmee, she was there almost two years.  In October 2017, she started at Gessler.  It was evident that Dr. Fals loves working here in Winter Haven.  “People are amazing here.  They are very nice and respectful, the culture is very respectful towards you.  The patients come because they really want help, they listen and they really want to do what you recommend.  They follow your advice.”  Even though she currently lives in Winter Garden with her husband and two young daughters, she loves coming to her job in Winter Haven and hopes one day to cut that commute down.  “Here at Gessler, everyone from the front desk, to here are super nice people, educated and respectful. I’m very happy here, I come into work everyday, very happy.  The administration here at Gessler is always making sure you feel good, and that whatever you need, they can provide for you.  They are always looking out for you, making sure that everyone is well-attended.” 


What does she love about being an endocrinologist?  “With this field, you know a little bit about everything and then of course you specialize in endocrinology.  We have a high prevalence of diabetes in this country, obesity, and in this field you’re able to help so many people.  You are needed.”  According to Dr. Fals, there is a shortage of endocrinologists.  “Even here, people have to travel and will have to wait a month to see a specialist.” 


Many times, the primary care physician is able to care for the patients; however. at some point, they may need extra help.  That is  when they are referred to Dr. Fals.  “There are many patients that keep their disease very well controlled with their primary caregiver.  But for the minority of them that aren’t doing well, those are the patients that we want to see and be able to make a change.  Patients that suffer from diabetes,  thyroid disease, thyroid nodules and adrenal disease.” 


Dr. Fals love for her patients was clearly evident.  She smiles when she talks about her patients and Gessler. “I’m fortunate that I found Gessler, and I have a really good welcoming and I like my patients.  Even when I came back from maternity leave, everybody was asking how I was, how was my daughter, it’s a really nice place to be.”


Gessler Clinic 

601 First St. N

Winter Haven, FL 33880


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