Let’s take the pups to a park!   1
Let’s take the pups to a park!   2

Dog parks provide a place for your dog to get plenty of exercise.  Ideally, they will learn social skills by meeting with unfamiliar dogs each time.  And, it’s just fun!   Lakeland has 2 parks for your fur baby to run leash-free with her friends:


Lake Crago Dog Park

525 Lake Crago Drive,

Lakeland, FL 33805


Dog Leg Woods

3326 Cleveland Heights Blvd,

Lakeland, FL 33803


The City has plans for a third Dog Park to come next year – Central Bark.  It will be located in downtown Lakeland right across the street from the Lakeland Fire Department. 


 What should the humans do while the dogs play?  Kevin Cook, Director of Communications in Lakeland has a few reminders.  “Please pick up after your pet.  We have had a real issue with our newest dog park, Dog Leg Woods.  Even though there are waste bag dispensers strategically located in the dog park, there are some pet owners who don’t pick up after their pet.”  It is so important to pick up after your dog.  Not just because someone can step in it, gross!  Animal waste may contain harmful bacteria which can be transmitted to humans.  Also, stormwater carries germs into our waterways. Nobody wants that, so be nice and clean up after your dog!  


The city works diligently to keep the parks looking their best.  “We have had a very wet summer so far with record rainfall.  We have had to go into Dog Leg Woods and do some drainage repair to eliminate an area in the BIG DOG section of the park that had standing water.”  


The County operates 4 dog parks,  so if you’re driving outside of Lakeland with your four-legged friend and he just needs to run, try one of these:


DiOGi Park in Loyce Harpe Park,

500 W Carter Rd,

Mulberry, FL 33860


Poinciana Dog Park in Poinciana Community Park,

5109 Allegheny Rd,

Poinciana, FL, US, 34759


Simmers Young Dog Park,

339 American Spirit Rd,

Winter Haven, FL, US, 33880


North East Regional Park,

50901 US-27,

Davenport, FL 33897


DiOGi Park was the first one in Polk County.  There is an area in the new Walker Road Park in Lakeland designated to be a dog park.  It will be constructed in later phases of development as funding becomes available.  


Dogs are meant to lead active lives, take them out for a walk.  Take them to a dog park to play, but please, always remember to clean up

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