A Lakeland company is thinking outside of the box when it comes to experiential marketing. MYBOX founder and CEO Andrew Williamson saw an opportunity in the Conex shipping containers he worked with at his previous job. He has since put together a passionate team to up-cycle retired shipping containers into affordable, mobile, modular event spaces.

The Idea

Andrew Williamson worked in custom packaging in power generation. In his work, they used large Conex shipping containers for their engines. One day it struck Williamson that these shipping containers offered up possibilities beyond their intended use.

He began researching his idea to create mobile spaces and got to work building his first MYBOX.

This is when now MYBOX COO, Devindra Ramdehal met Williamson. “I asked him what his vision for the company was and he was really passionate about it,” said Ramdehal. “He thought that he could deliver a concept that no one was delivering. He was looking for people who would not only come on board but people who were going to be passionate about it.”

Williamson invited Ramdehal to his workspace to take a look at the first unit. “The moment I saw it, I fell in love with the concept,” he said. Ramdehal promptly expressed interest in becoming involved with the emerging company.

MYBOX had a soft launch in November of 2018 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Redskins game and officially got off the ground in January of this year.

What is MYBOX?

MYBOX is a mobile, modular, event space. According to the COO, it is much more than that. “They’re social connectors. They give individuals and companies a chance to create a personalized space. One of the things we pride ourselves in is the immersive experience you walk away with,” he said.

An environmentally conscious company, MYBOX units are built using up-cycled 20 x 10-foot Conex shipping containers and other repurposed materials. There are currently ten in production with another dozen set for construction in the near future.

A team including Founder and CEO Andrew Williamson, his son Garrett Williamson who heads up production and fabrication, COO Devindra Ramdehal, and VP of Branding Shane Lawlor – put their minds together to build unique experiential marketing pieces for their clients. Their team brings to the table a collective background in engineering, design, planning, marketing, social media, and brand development.


MYBOX customers have three options when creating a portable branding and marketing space – rental, lease, and custom buy. Any of their units can be tailored to fit the needs of the client in an ‘ala carte’ fashion according to Ramdehal.

They can be utilized completely empty to be personalized by the client or can include options from a hydraulic door, sky deck, furniture, bar, four-tap kegerator, electrical, lighting, to retail space, and more. MYBOX is entirely customizable with each unit’s theme and decor telling the story of the brand that occupies it.

For rentals, their team will deliver a MYBOX unit to a client with whatever specifications they request.

For their leasing option, Ramdehal said, “We will build it, customize it, retrofit it for you and your brand.” Whenever your event is over, MYBOX will store and maintain the unit until needed again.

For a custom buy, he said, “Whatever it is that you envision, we can customize it. We can make it into an office space, a bar space, a retail space.”

The Future of MYBOX

The company has so far developed both corporate and local partnerships with the likes of Pig Fest, Sun ‘n Fun (where they used seven units to create a VIP village), Tampa Triumph Motorcycle Company, Mastry’s Brewing Co., Festivals of Speed, Swan Brewing, Jet’s Pizza, Lakeland’s Beer Rev and are an ally to the Central Florida Brewers Guild.

Though all from different places – Williamson from Louisiana, Lawlor from England, and Ramdehal from New York – the MYBOX team are proud to be building their brand in Lakeland.

“We would love to see the product as a national brand whether it’s custom builds, a rental product, or a lease product,” said Ramdehal.

“We’re not just building and renting things to people, we’re creating a space where brands can be experienced,” he said. “For us, that’s our big investment – we’re investing in people and their brands.”




IG @rentmybox

Phone: (813) 702-5650

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