Petals + Glow Soy Candles and Cold Process Soaps

When Jamie Hein of Plant City started her candle business, she had a few core principles in mind. Things like eco-friendly ingredients, recyclable packaging, and clean burning scents were non-negotiable for the mom of three. 


Jamie grew up in Ocala before moving to Lakeland in 2006 and to Plant City just a few years ago. Now, she has a full-time business doing what she loves, Petals + Glow. 


“I actually started making candles with my mom about three years ago as something we could just do together,” Jamie said. 


When her mom got out of making candles, Jamie pressed on, turning it into a thriving small business. She previously had the operation under different branding, but in an effort to streamline her products and brand she created Petals + Glow, earlier this year. 


“First, I wanted to establish the candles and the soaps. Those are things that I can do without having additional licensing yet,” she said about her initial ambitions for her shop. 


Though the candle maker is business-minded about her brand, using her graphic design background to design her own packaging, the products themselves come first. All Petal + Glow candles are hand poured in small batches and made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is clean burning and doesn’t produce soot, according to Jamie. She uses oils infused into the wax, avoids using dyes, and finishes them with cotton core wicks. “I try to make it as natural as I can,” she said. 


She feels that the natural look and scent of her candles go hand in hand with the overall packaging she uses (recyclable boxes versus plastic wrapped). Jamie is transparent with the ingredients she uses as well with all of her current products being vegan. 


Paired with her line of natural candles, Jamie makes soap as well. She’s fervent about in not using palm oils in her soaps, instead opting for shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural oils. 


Palm oils are unsustainably sourced, according to Jamie. She explained, “The way that they source them, they’ve actually destroyed a lot of habitats for the gorillas and the rainforest just to harvest that.” She doesn’t want her small business to contribute to these problems. 


How does she choose what fragrances to create? “You have to put your personal tastes aside when other people enjoy it,” she divulged, saying that the fragrances come from both what she likes and some are requested. 


Based in Plant City, her Strawberry Shortcake scent is popular, along with Woodland Citrus, Gardenia, and Lavender. 


Gardenia is her personal favorite, boasting a fragrance that is spot on to the flower. She beautifies her products with natural accoutrements like lavender flowers sprinkled in the lavender soap, or a new watermelon soap that looks like slices of the summer treat. She makes the soap in loaves, cures them over a few days, and cuts them into slices, leaving them looking like colorful gemstones.


She finds purpose in her work by showing people that beautifully scented soaps and candles can come from natural sources. 


You can shop Petals + Glow candles, soaps, and wax melts online or find them at different shows and markets around the area. Jamie frequents the Grove Roots Moonlight Market and Haus MRKT and would like to do more. Petals + Glow is currently at the LocalShops1 in Gulfport, with more brick and mortar stores looking to pick up her line. 


Petals + Glow

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