Leave it to me to make the biggest Polk County fashion faux pas…

It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend and they were forecasting for rain.  I rushed to my wardrobe closet of treasures to prepare a “look” for the festivities/one of my favorite holidays.  I have never been clear as to exactly why I love the holiday but… my favorite color is green, I don’t mind drinking beer and everyone seems to be in such a good mood.  I love how they close down the streets and there’s a sea of people wearing green, dancing and having a good time.  


I love all shades of green.  Fluorescent and Kelly/Emerald green are my favorite hues.  In real life, I pretty much wear camo almost every day.  I love the calm before the storm, putting together my outfit and preparing what I will wear for an event.  I often “pull” Nando’s look too and if Jordy and Sebastien are there,  I usually pick their shirts out.  Like when the four of us went out for Valentine’s Day, I had everybody in a shade of pink, purple and red.  So dreamy…. Ok, back to this green situation.  


I was spinning around in my closet realizing that I could only wear one pair of the many green pants that I own and I was for sure wearing the recently thrifted fluorescent green belt.  My Chuck Taylors would be perfect because I was going to be playing Putt Putt Golf for the Women’s Resource Center Charity event, and my sparkly high heels needed a break.  Plus, I traditionally end up doing my share of dancing on this holiday (which I did) so; I thought I’d go a little more “Sporty Spice” for once. I found my only green Winner Haven Apparel Shirt, French tucked it, and accessorized with my little “Heinz Pickle Pin,” a nod to my hometown of Pittsburgh.   Next, I pulled out a vintage green trench coat to complete my look.  Perf!  (Or so I thought.)  I also grabbed a secondary “Members Only” kelly green-cropped raincoat so that I would have options.  I could change up my look throughout the day.  


When Nando dropped me off at the Apple Lounge at 10am (he decided that he wanted to work for the majority of the day and would meet up with us later… typical Nando) He said to me, “Sally… what are you doing?”

I said, “What do you mean?”

He said, “What’s with the raincoats?”

I said, “ There’s a 60% chance of rain.”

He said, “First of all… it’s Florida there is always a chance of rain. Second,  you’re going to be walking all over town, you’re going to have to carry all that with you while your trying to golf and juggle green beer.  Third… you don’t need 2 coats!  Sally, its Florida… NO ONE wears raincoats or uses umbrellas.  I’ve told you this.”

I said, “Well, it’s green and it’s part of my outfit and I WEAR RAINCOATS IN FLORIDA!“  

With that, I jumped out of the truck, and immediately got a look from my friends like why do you have luggage to go out for St. Patrick’s Day?


Well… all day, everywhere I went, people were staring at me.  Yes I had an excessive amount of green glitter eyeshadow and lip-gloss on and yes I was a dancing machine, but I truly think it was the coat.  I know it was.  Locals actually walked up to me and said things like… where did you get that? I was like what? The Corn Beef and Cabbage? Right there in Central Tavern.  No the guy said, the green tarp that you’re wearing.  A woman came up to me and complimented me first on my dance moves and second on my statement piece, “that awesome coat.” It was as if I had pulled something couture off the runway for next season or the opposite that I had no idea how to dress for Florida.  I ran into a Pittsburgher that was like, we’re in Florida, what are you doing with that coat on?   At one bar, I walked up to order a beer and the bartender said, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to pull a shotgun out of that thing!” I chuckled, I know I have a fierce walk and I know I’m wearing a military raincoat but seriously… the only violent thing I was interested in doing was an “Irish Car Bomb.”


So, long story short… Nando and Jordy (both had been working all day) managed to join us.  It did finally rain.    We were all crammed under a tent with “DJ Banz” outside of Central Tavern and convinced him to play, “Purple Rain” during the quickly passing storm.  It was an iconic moment. I still got wet because I don’t think that coat was actually waterproof but, in the words of Sebastien, “I wasn’t bothered.”  


It was another successfully self-styled look by Sally DC and another successful St. Patrick’s Day for the books.  I guess I’ll eventually get used to the Florida “Rules” but when it comes to fashion, I’ll always beat to my own tune.   I do own at least 15 raincoats and clearly they’re showstoppers.  


Xo Sally DC


P.S. I don’t know if they Say “April Showers Bring May Flowers” down here like they do up north,  but I say April Showers bring opportunities for me to exhibit my raincoat collection.   


P.P.S.  I did end up losing one of my raincoats that day, Nando was right. It was too much to carry around.  (And he didn’t even know about the 3 shirt options I had in my purse.)

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