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Happy November!  Or as we’ve been calling it around here, Nerdy November!  Our cover stories take us to a Dungeons & Dragons dinner party!  We talk all things nerdy with a group of friends that have been getting together once a week to eat & play.  They take it very seriously, and you will see that the friendships they’ve built are pretty cool.  


We also talk to Andrew Allen again.  He was featured in our October issue and he truly belongs in our November issue, too.  He’s a jazz musician that has taken theme songs to a whole new level.  Think Star Wars, but jazzy!   We eat (and drink) at Lakeland Beer Rev this month.  The kitchen is relatively new, but the bar and the shop have been around a few years.  Now you’re able to stop in for a beer on tap and pick up dinner, too.  


We travel to Orlando to play classic arcade games, eat ramen noodles inspired by Dragon Ball Z, and visit a comic book store with a Mad Max themed bar.  


Our cocktail is very seasonal this month using Crown Royal Maple.  It tastes like autumn up north!  It’s perfect for Thanksgiving, you can make one or an entire pitcher if you’re having the family over.  


As usual, we have a very large calendar of events for November, it’s a big one!  We spotlight our “Top Ten” choices locally, and in both Orlando and Tampa.  There is so much to do this month, plan ahead.  Can you believe they will be lighting Christmas trees at the end of the month?  Where did the time go?


On that note, all of us here at Haven would like to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.  Hopefully it’s full of family, friends and good food.  Thank you for picking up the magazine, we truly appreciate the support.  I’m thankful for all of you accepting us into your lives, sending us notes, and helping us shine the light on the people that make Lakeland so special.  


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Sexson


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