Anarchy by Trent and Harlow Manning


This month is so Punk Rock!  We feature the Punk Rock Flea Market that is happening at the end of the month at Swan Brewing.  A mix of music, food and art, it’s fun for the entire family!  And it’s not just for punk rockers, either!  Read more about it in our cover story.

Read about the father/daughter artists of the new “Cerk Fillet” appearing at the Punk Rock Flea.  We also get a peek at the new Good Thyme restaurant opening up, learn about 8th graders building their own skateboards and a group of women trying to save the Pitties! 

Take a look at the #lkldhaven photos that YOU took at all of your favorite places in Lakeland!  Just tag yourself on Facebook or Instagram and you might find yourself in the pages of LKLD, too!

Check out our picks for the “Top Ten” things to do in Central Florida, maybe I’ll see you out somewhere!   Like every month, our calendar is always up to date online with events all over Polk.  You can add your event for free!  Just visit havenmagazines.com.  While you’re there, you can read our east Polk version of the magazine called Haven with completely different stories. 

Have a very happy September!  I hope to see you around town!


Amy Sexson


Haven & LKLD Magazines


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