February was a short month but a powerful one!  A lot of changes have happened since our January issue came out.  First and foremost, my husband Chris and I purchased the LKLD Haven and Haven Magazines from DR Media.  That means we are no longer involved with the Winter Haven Sun and have moved offices.  Well...we’re working out of our living room, but we hope to find an office space soon!  It was a very bittersweet ending, I have to admit.  We will miss our office mates everyday but are also excited  (and terrified) for the future.  There will be a few bumps these first few months, but hopefully you as the reader, won’t notice a thing.  There are big plans for this year & we can’t wait to share it with all of you.  In the meantime, Chris and I plan on being here for awhile and planting some deep roots, so please, introduce yourself and let’s get to know each other!


On another note, this month we talk about Polk’s Sexiest Men!  We weren’t sure how people would react, but surprisingly we received about 25 nominations of men from all walks of life.  It turned out to be a very diverse list, read Tara’s story to see who we felt should be the winner.  Thank you to everyone that sent in a nomination!  


We visited Revival in Lakeland for some very unique cocktail recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.  If you haven’t been out to Revival yet, please try it.  It’s half cocktail bar and half library!  We loved it.  


Since we’re in between offices right now, I apologize for any missed calls or emails.  Things have been hectic, to say the least.  Please, just email me or message me through LKLD Haven Magazine Facebook page and I will get back with you!  Fingers crossed I’m sitting in an office when I sit down to write my April Letter from the Editor!  Also, tag your photos on social media with #lkldhaven and you might find yourself printed in the next issue!  


Have a beautiful March,


Amy Sexson


LKLD Haven Magazine



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