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Hello!  It’s June already and the year is flying by!  Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s and father figures out there, enjoy your special day on the 16th!

This month’s cover photo was created with local flowers we actually went out to a farm and picked!  Thank you to Will Crum who allowed us to “pick anything we wanted” for the cover shot.  The flowers are all shapes, sizes, colors, varieties and some are actually weeds!  They are beautiful by themselves but when grouped together it couldn’t be more beautiful.  I think we can say the same thing about a lot of things, yes?

This month’s cover story is in celebration of Pride Month.  Pride Month is every June and will be celebrated here in Polk County with a week of events hosted by Polk Pride.  We had the opportunity to sit down with them for our cover story.  Find out what they do and who they’re helping locally.  Dan Chesnicka from Theatre Winter Haven has written a piece on the importance of the theater in the community.  I have to give a huge thank you to Dan.  He wrote an honest piece about the inclusiveness of the theater, especially to those that society hasn’t always fully embraced. Thank you to everyone that sat down with us and shared your story.  

For our profiles this month, we talk with Alison Foley-Rothrock, an immigration lawyer, advocate, survivor, creator of the Red Tent Initiative and an active member of the LGBTQ community.  She was inspiring to talk to and truly tries to help the underserved population of Polk.  We also talk with Dustin Shay and Kerri McCoy.  All three residents prove that being yourself, and not what others think you should be, is the only way to find peace.

Go out to eat with us at Frescos!  We sat down with Tina Calhoon and talked about Frescos 10th Anniversary this year.  She reflects on the past, the future and how they celebrated this milestone.  Congratulations to them!  

We talk with Lakeland resident, Kevin O’Brien.  He made a goal for himself to write, direct and produce a feature-length film here in Polk County.  He accomplished that, and we sat down with him to hear about his process and why this first film is so important to him.  

Haven took a day trip to Tampa to visit the “Thai Temple” we’ve been hearing about.  Every Sunday, volunteers serve up authentic Thai food and all the money goes back to the Temple.  It’s definitely worth the drive out, let me know if you go!

Your month should stay busy with our Top Ten lists of things to do around Polk, Orlando and Tampa along with our daily calendar.  Want to see your event listed?  Send the details to me!  Would you like to see your Facebook or Instagram posts in next month’s issue?  That’s easy, just add #lkldhaven to your post and we will find you.  It’s growing so large, expect a third page of posts printed in July!  Everyone loves Florida and your pictures prove it!  


Enjoy our latest issue & please keep in touch!

Amy Sexson

Editor & Partner

HAVEN & LKLD Magazines  

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