On the cover:  Charlie’s Mini Donuts!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Carlo for donating the donuts to be used on the cover!  (Same that 3 times fast)  They were as delicious as they look!

The cover story this month is about celebrating.  From weddings to birthday parties, when the time calls for hosting a larger event, we’ve got you covered.  Personally, I LOVE having people over.  Whether we planned it ahead of time and the house is clean, food is out & flowers arranged or it’s impromptu and friends come over last minute.  Either way, I love to have people over, give them a drink in a pretty glass, feed them and just hang out.  Over the years, I’ve learned how easy it is to be prepared for the last minute parties.  I always, always have some sort of cheese, a box of nice crackers or nuts ready for any friends that stop by.  We don’t have small children at our house, so inviting people over for a last minute drink is pretty doable most days.  (No babysitters or homework anymore, woo!)  I think people love when you show an effort to make them feel comfortable and what’s better than making someone feel happy and welcome?  A really great party doesn’t have to cost a lot.  A simple get together when you have a good attitude will go far.  So have fun, invite some people over this weekend.  Or, make some invitations and throw a big party!  Whatever it is, whatever your budget, you can do this.  Go hang out with your friends and laugh, talk, hug, smile, share and don’t forget snacks.  People love snacks.

This month we also visit with Thom Bly of Triviosity.  You’ve probably seen him around town with his trivia show, but did you know he can also DJ your next big event?   We’ll talk with him about how he can help you at your wedding, reunion, etc.  We also visited the newly opened Joinery and talked with owners/designers Sarah and Jon about the inspiration behind it.  It’s a super fun place to stop for a quick lunch or linger longer with friends at the bar.  

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Have a great February!  


Amy Sexson



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