ON THE COVER: Adler’s Classic 


Happy 4th of July!  Our feature story is about one of our favorite foods to eat at a summer party, cheeseburgers! It’s one of my personal favorite foods, and it’s always the answer I give to the question, “If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life...” We’ve included burgers and plant-based burgers from 50 restaurants around Polk County. Two of my absolute favorites are Adler’s classic burger and the Impossible burger from Super Duper Spot. We had fun putting together the list and tasting several of the cheeseburgers.  Check out our “Staff Picks” to see which ones we loved the most.

We visit with musician Daniel Pepin who has been wowing local crowds with his Spanish-style guitar. Learn more about him and where he will be playing next in our profile section. If you get a chance, go watch him play, he’s amazing! We also talk with Derrick McBride, a local author, and motivational speaker. Find out about his new book and why he thinks it’s important for young people to read it.

Our calendar of events is slowly growing again!  If you have an event that you’d like to see in the August issue, please send me the details. Keep tagging #lkldhaven on your Facebook and Instagram posts and you might find it in the next issue of Haven, we love sharing them!

Have a happy summer & a safe 4th of July!


Amy Sexson




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