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Happy New Year!


Our cover feature this month is about a woman named Joye Murchison Kelly.  When she was 19 she took a class by Dr. William Moulton Marston.  Little did she know that her final exam would be the key to her future.  She went on to collaborate with Dr. Marston and write Wonder Woman comic books in NYC.  Her insight into Dr. Marston and the character of Wonder Woman is very interesting.  The cover is inspired by an actual comic book that Joye wrote.  


We meet Jessi Dewert, a tattoo artist with Rock City Tattoo.  Zelda Abram went from being an intern at MidFlorida to being the CFO.  Whatever Tees is a success story about a “side” job becoming more than that.  We hope you’re inspired by all of these brilliant people this month!


We hope you will can make it out to Winter Haven on the 27th.  The Haight Street Rat from the documentary Saving Banksy will be on view to the public.  You can read more about it in our Arts section.  Street art is very controversial, but it is here to stay.  It’s part of a large movement going on around the world.  


This month we go out to eat at Tapatio’s Restaurante Mexicano and we visit Solomon’s Castle in our travel section.  


I wish you peace, love and much laughter in the year to come!  Cheers to a happy 2018!


Amy Sexson


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