Happy October!

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary this month!  We want to thank our readers and advertisers for all of the support.  We can’t do this without you!  It’s been fun getting to know the area and meeting so many people.   With each month that we finish up and send to the printers, is another month that we are grateful to be here.  Grateful to call Florida our home, grateful for this community and grateful that we can begin to work on the next month’s issue.  Thank you for picking us up each month.  

This month we talk with the Lakeland Fire Department.  Thank you to Janel Vasallo the

Public Relations and Information Manager for the LFD.  She was instrumental in helping us coordinate with the stations and getting us everything we needed to complete our research.  The LFD is a leader in cancer prevention, wellness and changing the culture of the fire station.  

Tag us with #lkldhaven on Instagram and Facebook and you might find your pics in the next issue!  Check us out at www.havenmagazines.com to read our HAVEN Magazine featuring east Polk County.

Kon Tiki Taco is the 4th at Haus 820 and we can’t wait!!  I plan on eating tacos and drinking tiki drinks all night!  We hope you come out and have some fun with us.  Purchase your tickets at CentralFloridaTix.com

Happy Halloween!

Amy Sexson

Partner & Editor


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