Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy New Year!   

This month we traveled to Tarpon Springs to visit a man that built the first house in Florida made of hemp.  We caught up with the founding members of the Florida Hemp Growers Alliance to learn why they think hemp could revolutionize the agriculture industry in Florida.  We also visit a farm in north Lakeland that a family has owned for generations and is working to create a sustainable food forest.  Florida farmers are fighting back after citrus greening, it’s not just orange groves anymore.   

We visit the Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens and learn how they’re celebrating the 25th year of decorating for the holidays.  A big thank you to Erica Smith for getting us in early, so we could share the photos with all of you.    

For lunch we took a trip out to Auburndale and tried out the new Crave & Copper restaurant created by The Florida Brewery.  They have really delicious food and of course a large selection of locally brewed beer.  We loved everything we tried, it’s one of our favorites now!   

The calendar is FULL this month!  Head to havenmagazines.com and read even more listings, we add to it almost everyday.  Our Top Ten lists will help guide your schedule so you don’t miss anything.  While your out, remember to tag your Instagram & Facebook posts with #lkldhaven and you might find yourself in the next issue.  Check out our #lkldhaven section in the back of the magazine, know anyone? 

We hope your holidays are happy with friends and family close by.  From all of us here at the magazine, we wish you a happy 2020! 


Amy Sexson 


Haven Magazine 




Created by Jenna Cherry 

Jenna is an illustrator, designer and owner of Twenty Seven, a paper goods and lifestyle brand from Lakeland.  Check out her store at 213 E Bay Street Lakeland, FL 33801 for some extra sunshine in your life.  Find her on FB@twentysevenlkld and IG@twentysevenlkld.   

Thank you so much, Jenna for accepting our challenge and creating this beautiful cover art for our December issue.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!! 




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