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Letter From The Editor

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Hi!  The April issue is a little different this month, let me explain.

The coronavirus has affected our magazine in a couple of ways.  I went ahead and removed the calendar.  It’s the first time and hopefully the last time, that we’ve done that.  Too many events were cancelled and there is too much uncertainty to make future plans right now.  I’ve also removed the Top Ten Orlando and Tampa lists for the same reasons.  We’ve kept the Top Ten list for Polk, hopefully that will be an inspiration to some of us stuck at home for days.  To all the small businesses  in our community, we are here to help.  Please contact us, we will do our best to support every business that reaches out.  

I want to thank Freedom Boat Club for letting us use a boat for a photo shoot and to our captain & garden model, John Brackett.  Thank you to Benjamin Vickers of Honeycomb Bread Bakers for allowing us to use his name in our restaurant story because he makes  it “legit.”  Thank you to Bump Galletta for drawing the coolest robot swan and for agreeing to be a part of our story.  Thank you to Chris Campbell, Ella Sexson, Adam Doyle & Chris Sexson for modeling for me at various times.  

We started working on this issue long before we heard of Covid 19.  Our goal was to get people to smile and hopefully LOL a few times.  Little did we know that cities around the world would be on lockdown, schools would be closed and grocery stores would be empty when we went to print.  Hopefully, in these uncertain times you will find this issue to be a much-needed comedy relief.   This is our “April Fool’s Edition” and we have made up EVERY story in it.   None of it is true, I repeat, none of it’s true.  (Except for Local News, that’s true)

Follow us on Facebook @havenlakelandfl & Instagram @haven_magazine.  Continue to tag us #lkldhaven and you might find your post in the May issue of LKLD.  Please have fun with this issue, we hope it makes you smile!  Continue to shop small, help your neighbors, wash your hands and to choose kindness.  #dosomethingfornothing  


Amy Sexson


Haven & LKLD Magazines


**No water skiers were injured in the making of this issue.  

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