Hello and thank you for picking up the August edition of LKLD!

In this month’s issue, we take a look at the nonprofit, Top Buttons.  Their work empowers women and teenagers to present their best self to the world.   We meet the women behind it all and find out their inspiration.  We also let you know how you can help to support this great cause.   This was an inspiring story to work on!

We also meet with Benjamin from Honeycomb Bread Bakers and talk about his new space he will be opening up soon.  He has perfected the classics that we all love and I can’t wait to grab a cup of tea at his new place.  Congratulations & good luck to him!

In this issue, we also visit several new businesses including the new Union Hall and a sci fi themed candy store in Winter Haven.  You can plan your month with our calendar and our picks for the Top Ten things to do in Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa.   

This past month, we had the honor of attending the Florida Magazine Association’s annual Charlie Awards Gala.  This year, Haven Magazine (our magazine for east Polk County) won three awards and I couldn’t be more proud of our team!   Winning for Best Writing Feature (Skunk Ape written by Tara Crutchfield), Best Cover Photography & Best Advertisement for a Client (Steven Maynard & myself).  This brings us to a total of six awards earned over the past three years.  I humbly say that we are the most awarded magazine in the county, and we only plan to improve.  Thank you to everyone that picks us up each month, and to all of our advertisers that support us.  We can NOT do this without either of you!!

Keep tagging your photos with #lkldhaven and you might find yourself in the next issue!


Have a great August- 

Amy Sexson 

Editor & Partner 

LKLD and Haven Magazines 


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