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Happy May & Happy Mother’s Day!  


This month, we talk LEGO!  It’s an important part of our lives here in Polk County, providing jobs and money to our local economy.  Our cover story takes us to Lake Wales to visit Merlin Magic Making.  Learn what they do there and what it has to do with LEGO.  (it’s pretty cool)  Our travel story takes us to LEGOLAND Florida Resort to check out THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD that opened in March.  With three new rides, it’s the place to be this summer.


We visit Peebles Bar-B-Q in Auburndale and learn how generations of the Peebles family have kept the restaurant going for over 70 years!  Our cocktail celebrates Star Wars Day on May the 4th.  (May the force be with you!)  We hope you enjoy it!


As usual, we offer our choices for the “Top Ten” things to do in Tampa, Orlando and Polk County. Our calendar is always growing online, so make sure to check the website often.  If you have an event you’d like to add, simply log on online at or email the details to me and I can do it for you.  


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We’re still working out of a temporary work space, but it’s going pretty well so far.  If you ever want to get in touch with us or advertise in the magazine, send me an email!


Have a great month!


Amy Sexson

Partner & Editor

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