CannaBliss CBD Facial  To be stoned or not to be stoned? …That is the question

HIGH, hello, how are you? Weed jokes, I got ‘em. 


Beep, beep, next stop – Relaxation No Stress Land! Well, that’s how Tracy Evans described her CannaBliss CBD Facial and she wasn’t wrong.


Owner and operator of Retroskin in Lakeland, Tracy Evans has been in the business of beauty for about 4 and a half years performing services from microneedling and nano needling to body sculpting and tattoo removal. 


She became an esthetician about a year ago in order to expand her services. One of which is her CannaBliss CBD Facial using a line of CBD based products. 


First thing’s first, what exactly is CBD … isn’t that like pot or something man? Not exactly. Tracy explained, “CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant called cannabinoids.  Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high or stoned sensation.  It is completely legal and has numerous benefits for health and beauty.”


“CBD is so effective in treating numerous skin conditions since it contains powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties,” she said. “The antioxidant properties found in CBD are great in helping neutralize free radicals in the body, a common source of many skin problems.”


Tracy believes in the power of CBD because she’s felt it herself. Once upon a time, acne was an issue for her. At the time, infomercial acne remedies were all that were available. The products were harsh and usually made her skin worse before it got better. Tracy says with CBD there is no rough stage, just radiant results. 


I have eczema prone skin and often battle the inflammation on my face with an assortment of toners, cleansers, creams, and concealers. I was particularly excited to try the CBD facial as a potential remedy to my red-skin woes. 


“What’s great about CBD in skincare and as a whole, is by stimulating the endocannabinoid system, CBD promotes homeostasis/balance, decreases inflammation, reduces pain sensation and helps alleviate stress and anxiety,” said Tracy. 


A red 25mg CBD gummy from Your CBD Store in Lakeland sat in a plastic ramekin atop a pillow. It is not mandatory for the facial, but Tracy offers this to all of her guests as a way to further relax. Down the hatch it went. When in Rome, ya know?


She left the room and I changed into a comfy terry cloth robe and snuggled in under the covers.


Laying on the massage bed in a dimly lit room with melodic pop song covers humming softly in the background, I stared up at the groovy lava lamp-esque light display she had on the ceiling. 


Every product she uses during the facial contains CBD – from the gummy and cleanser to the massage oil and enzyme mask. The skincare line she uses is Color Up Therapeutics, a Colorado-based company.


The 60-minute facial started with Tracy removing my makeup. From there she did a thorough but gentle double cleanse with the hydrating foaming cleanser. 


Next, she exfoliated with an enzyme mask. Tracy used a small pink electronic FOREO exfoliator to massage my skin while warm steam misted over my face. It felt like soaking in a hot bath. The steam isn’t just relaxing, it is necessary to activate the enzyme. 


In between steps, Tracy used a warm moist towel on my face. She infuses all of her towels with lavender and mint and added CBD isolate to them for this particular facial. 


She applied the nourishment mask to my face to sit for about 15 minutes. During this time she used CBD massage oil for an incredible, drool-inducing neck, shoulder, chest, and arm massage. 

 The finishing touches were an eye cream, face serum, and UV damage repair moisturizer. During this step, she used another tool called a facial hammer. Though the name is a little off-putting, the sensation was refreshingly cool which Tracy says calms inflammation and helps to penetrate the serum deep into the skin. “Instead of being topical, it helps infuse it,” she explained. 


The facial left me relaxed physically and mentally. Whatever anxiety I’d entered with had left the building somewhere between the CBD gummy and the shoulder massage. There was no ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ sensation, just bliss … cannabliss hehe.


Never fear gentlemen, CBD facials aren’t a pleasure afforded only to us ladies. Tracy offers beard facials (yes, even the CBD kind) where she does a facial from the beard up and uses the cleanser, oil, and beard balms of Lakeland based company Beard Booze on your beard. 


According to the esthetician, the average lifespan of any facial is approximately one month. To keep that glow, she recommends a monthly facial in addition to a proper at-home regiment. Tracy recommends investing in a good cleanser for your homecare routine. She personally uses the same Color Up Therapeutics line of skincare that she uses during her CannaBliss CBD Facial at home. She doesn’t stock it at her space but can order it for clients upon request. 



St. Luke’s Health & Wellness Center 

6030 South Florida Avenue, Suite 115, Lakeland

(863) 284-5737

IG @retroskin_lakeland

FB @retroskinlakeland 

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