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“Nurture your nature,” says Shane Osborne, the man behind the beard at Mason Danger Beard Company, a company focused on creating better, natural solutions for beard care. Shane, a full-time occupational therapist, describes himself as a man with bad skin and a big beard.  He  discussed all the trials that come with finding the perfect balance in a routine to properly take care of both. As his beard grew, so too did his need to take care of it, but he found that many products that could take care of his beard agitated his skin. This is because, even though those companies use oils that may be natural, their scents are produced with chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.


Through trial and error, Osborne developed his own beard oil that would give him cleaner skin and softer hair. His research led him towards jojoba oil, a substance only one molecule different from the natural oils produced by skin. He found that the beard oil worked exactly how he wanted, and generously gave some to his friends who eventually convinced him to start selling it.


Buying the smallest amounts of ingredients at a time, Shane started filling orders made on his Etsy page.  Orders began to increase for all of the products he had for sale, including the original, Haunted Forest.  In order to grow more, Osborne decided to start doing events, and before he knew it, he was at Central Florida Throwdown, an annual CrossFit competition held in an airplane hangar.  After this, Mason Danger, which is named after Osborne’s son, began showing up at more and more events and was quickly gaining in popularity, but he knew that the company needed to reach a larger market.


Mason Danger bottles last 3-4 months, and in order to continue selling products, more potential customers had to be reached so that there were always new people in need of beard products. Shane taught himself basic code and created a website. He launched it only a year and a half ago, allowing his products to be accessed nationwide.  At this point, he knew that it was important to turn Mason Danger Beard Co. into a lifestyle brand to keep customers coming back. He started selling t-shirts and hats, and began packing the bottles of beard oil in koozies, which the native Minnesotan also referred to as huggers, instead of bubble wrap. Other beard products started to pop up as well. The beard balm, which works like pomade and keeps the whole beard in order, comes in three different scents. The aptly named Prohibition is infused with Jack Daniels barrel wood, while the Life’s a Beach balm contains coconut oil and citrusy smells. The seasonal Java Balm contains coffee essential oil. The all-natural company also sells beard wash that softens your beard without adding any chemicals like normal shampoo will. As an added bonus, Osborne says it smells great.


In addition to the website, where the majority of sales are made, Osborne also started

getting his products into local stores. Currently, Mason Danger products, including the beard

balms and shampoos, can be found in Rafa Natural, Lakeland Barber Company, and Skully’s

Mobile Barber, among various other stores around town. In the future, Shane hopes to develop natural hair products and a tattoo balm. He says that he won’t put a product into production until he has tested it and is completely satisfied. This means that while these new products may take a while to eventually come out, they will match the quality of his other products. He is also hoping to continue to grow his brand and get into more barbershops in Polk County, Tampa, and Orlando.


For men who are new to beard care, Shane suggests Mason Danger’s Got Your 6ix beard

oil, the company’s biggest seller. He claims that trying nicer products can be better long-term

and can help enhance health and appearance. He knows that men may be reluctant to go the extra mile to take care of their appearance, and he hopes that his products can convince men that grooming themselves is an important part of being happy and healthy.


Find them on Facebook @masondangerbeardco

Or go online to

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