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  • Tara Crutchfield

Magazines and Meatloaf

Haven Opts for Office Drive-Thru

It has been over two years since Haven has had a permanent office space. Since then, we’ve worked in our publishers’ living room and two other temporary spaces – putting out two magazines a month, 12 times a year.

Destroyer Media & Marketing is excited to announce that we finally have a permanent home in the works. One of the things we loved most about being in an office accessible to the public is how much we could interact with our readers through drop-ins and community events.

Over the last year, we’ve worked primarily from home. We are thrilled to be creating magazines together in a collaborative space again. And we can’t wait to see YOU there.

Part of our office design is a drive-thru lane down the middle of our shared workspace – think, Beverage Castle. We’ll be serving more than beers – though you can pick up a Bud Heavy here too. Always a dream on the backburner – our food concept/ publishing business model will finally launch!

Drive on through for a slice of Haven’s famous meatloaf. If warm square meats aren’t your thing, check out our other menu items like H-shaped chicken nuggs and spicy chicken sandwich sliders. We’re proud to be serving up only the freshest local chicken, which has been easy to source due to a recent increase in seized Winter Haven chickens and our private partnership with a national fast-food chicken brand.

We are constantly being asked, “Where can I get a Haven?” and “What if I want to read an unnecessarily long 2,000- word profile on the go?”

We’ve got you covered! Slide on through our drive-thru and tell our customer service associate, Steven Downy Jr. Maynard, you want to ‘Destroyer Size your meal,’ and we’ll throw in a copy of that month’s Haven in with your meatloaf or locally-sourced chicken sandwich.

Yell, ‘Spud me!’ and we’ll shoot a raw potato into your car with our high-powered potato cannon for you to take home and fry later.

Just remember to watch for pedestrians (and pythons) as the drive-thru runs directly through the middle of our office, and we’d prefer not to scrape one of our employees off your hood.

We couldn’t be more excited for the prospect of serving the community through written and visual storytelling, social media, chicken nuggs, and beers. Haven is looking to franchise our magazine office/ fast-food idea. Send inquiries to our business email,, if you’re interested, and we can set up a meeting to talk numbers.


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