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  • Tara Crutchfield

Polk County Burger Week

We’ve been waiting for this all summer, and it’s finally here! Polk County Burger Week, presented by Visit Central Florida in partnership with Destroyer Media and Marketing, will run from July 19 through July 28, 2024. This foodie event is “a celebration of all things burger throughout Polk County,” according to Destroyer Media and Marketing Events Coordinator Lyndsey Venrick. She noted that it’s also an opportunity for local restaurants to showcase their best burger offerings. The inaugural Polk County Burger Week boasts over 50 participating restaurants with burgers from Andy’s classic diner style to Nineteen61’s elevated gourmet take on the classic.

A little over a year ago, Visit Central Florida started an initiative to create awareness around Polk County as a culinary destination. Looking into the local farm-to-fork options, VCF noted there were a few, but that it certainly needed to grow. From there, they started coordinating with restaurants and farms to try to get them to work together. That initiative also includes events like Burger Week, highlighting some of the talent we’re already known for.

Kris Keprios, Senior Tourism Sales and Marketing Manager for Visit Central Florida noted that BBQ is another food Polk County is known for. Visit Central Florida has highlighted that through their first quarter series of BBQ competitions, creating the Triple Crown of BBQ. They are working to brand Polk County as the BBQ capital of Florida with over 20 locally-owned BBQ restaurants. Beyond Burger Week and the Triple Crown of BBQ, Visit Central Florida hopes to highlight locally crafted treats from bakeries to coffee to breweries and put Polk County on the map as a culinary destination throughout the state and the country.

Burger Week is Visit Central Florida and Destroyer Media’s answer to supporting local restaurants and promoting the Polk County culinary scene during summer. “Burger Week is taking the “restaurant week” concept and focusing on burgers. Who doesn’t love a burger? For roughly one week in July, we will partner and promote Polk County Burger Week. We ask participating restaurants to be inventive and creative, do something fun with a specialty burger, or create an affordable one. It’s an easy way to support local, have a burger, and try something new,” said Destroyer Media and Marketing Partner and Publisher, Chris Sexson.

“Burger Week is an opportunity for us to expand our culinary initiative, which we started a little over a year ago. It’s a first step to highlight some well-known and not-sowell-known [restaurants] throughout Polk County to the surrounding drive market and our residents,” added Keprios.

“Summer is traditionally a very slow time for businesses in Polk County, so we wanted to give residents a reason to go out into the community and spend their money during the summer and support these restaurants through the harder times,” said Venrick.

A highlight of the event is that it features not only the typical burger shacks we all know and love but expands to restaurants known for other things that are throwing their hat in the ring. “It’s a good opportunity for people to not only check out some of those burger restaurants that they’ve heard of but haven’t tried yet, but also to give some of the restaurants they might know about a try for something different,” Keprios said.

Later this month, all participating Burger Week restaurants will offer a Value Burger—a hamburger with a side combo for $11.99 or less—or an Inventive Burger, a unique or gourmet burger without a specific price point.

“Polk is not yet known as a foodie destination, but that is changing. Summer has traditionally been a slow month for restaurants. Burgers, grills, summer, what better time to have burger week than July? The goal is to create an annual event that invites locals to try something new, have a burger, and find their new favorite spot. The more you know, the more you’ll go. You will have 50+ burger spots to keep you busy exploring all year long,” said Sexson.

Expect even more from Burger Week in the years to come. Visit Central Florida and Destroyer Media and Marketing plan to bring this event back every summer, expanding offerings and trying out fun new things in future years. “The more we can do to support restaurants, the better. To do your part, you just need to go out and have a burger at Polk County Burger Week! Our local restaurants thank you!” said Sexson. We list just a few of the inventive burgers you can try out during Polk County Burger Week 2024 below

J.A.C’s Corner

Hawaiian Bourbon Burger $11.99

Fresh burger patty served with caramelized bourbon onions, grilled pineapple, sliced jalapeños and mozzarella cheese.


Lucille’s American Cafe

Mac’ N Cheese Burger $15.99

Half-pound choice Angus burger, applewood bacon, homemade mac & cheese, cheddar, homemade ranch, lettuce, tomato, and french fries.



Winter Haven & Davenport

Florida Man Burger $14

Topped with Boursin spread, orange marmalade, chamoula, fried gator bites, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.


Cob & Pen

The Dixieland Rodeo $20

2 Smash patties with red pepper bacon jam, bourbon BBQ sauce, pickles, onion straws, and cheddar cheese on a toasted onion Kaiser roll. Includes one side.



Iberico Pork Frita Burger $18

Romesco aioli, arugula, sliced Jamon Serrano, fried eggs, and crispy potato. Served with salad or house potato chips.


Mitchell’s Coffee House

Sunrise Breakfast Burger $12.99

1/2 lb burger on Texas Toast with bacon. Topped with a sunny-side-up egg and served with a fresh fruit salad.


Our Noire Kitchen

Dad Bod Burger $18

Colby jack cheese, pork belly, a brisket patty, pulled pork, and BBQ sauce. Includes one side.


Crave & Copper

Pretzel Bun Smashburger $15

Served with BBQ-glazed smoked pork belly, roasted jalapeño aioli, cheddar cheese, and Napa cabbage.


The Depot Cafe at Bonnet Springs Park

Maple Bourbon BBQ Avocado Bacon Burger $15.99

Half pound fresh grilled patty, smoked Gouda, crispy bacon, sliced avocado and a sweet and smokey maple bourbon BBQ drizzle on a Martin’s potato roll. Served with house-made chips.


Hotshots Downtown

The Bacon & Swiss Bully Burger $9.99

Not for amateurs, this burger is stacked to perfection with two hand-patted Chuck Angus burgers topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Optional sides are available.


Brake Burger Garage

Birria Burger $11.99

1/4 lb of Fresh Angus Beef dipped in Birria sauce and topped with baconwrapped onion ring and mozzarella cheese on a toasted brioche bun. Served with a side of Birria sauce for dipping, waffle fries, and a drink.

View the rest of the Polk County Burger Week offerings at


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